Why I drink shakeology

Cost objections are the #1 excuse people give me about why they won't order Shakeology! Well from the lips of Beachbody CEO, Shakeology was not developed to be the cheapest shake out there! No additives, no preservatives, no processed ingredients! All natural to encourage the body's systems to function at optimal performance. So yes it's not cheap but when it comes to your health shouldn't you be willing to pay for nutrition? If you want to know why it's so expensive, take three minutes to watch this video from the CEO of Beachbody. Nothing on the market can even come close to this product. Compare the ingredients in shakeology to whatever else you're using. 

Depending on the flavor Shakeology has between 6-9 grams of sugar in it and its purpose is for nutrient transport. If you're exercising and on a calorie-restricted diet, this combo can leave you in a glycogen-starved state where your overtrained and underfed body can catabolize muscle tissue for energy. Therefore, most  meal replacement snacks have some sugar, which speeds nutrients into a depleted system quickly which aids recovery between workouts with minimal calories. Shakeology gives a balanced mixture of ingredients to allow the nutrients to be absorbs without an insulin spike, and thus, why Shakeology has scored such a low number on the GI index.

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