What Are the Best Snacks for the Plane?

I just got back from a two week holiday in Spain and had an amazing time!!! If you didn't know, vegetarians have to pre-order special meals for planes in advance as they don't just keep extra on hand. Although I have to say I saw a shift with US Airways as now your choice of two entrees was one meat and one veggie, but of course that assumes they don't run out of the non-meat option before they get to you which I overheard they did. Their special order meals include the following:
Kosher, Muslim, Hindu, Vegan, Lacto-ovo, Asian vegetarian, low sodium, low fat/low cholesterol, low calorie, diabetic, bland, gluten free, non-lactose,  baby, and children's
So for fun I got the Asian Vegetarian as my experience in the past with the lacto-ovo is that I get cold vegetables (salad) and hot vegetables, no starch, cheese, or anything interesting. I also never receive the same cake dessert everyone else is eating, do they think vegetarians don't eat sugar? lol Here's what I was served, I was lucky this time I got margarine to go with the bread, normally I get nothing to spread on it. The bread was whole wheat, unlike the white bread everyone else got.

I took two planes to Spain and I found that US Air no longer gives out peanuts and pretzels. My short flight only had a beverage and my long flight gave a cookie as a snack.

I brought my cashews with me and a couple protein bars. That way I wouldn't have to eat junk food in the airport such as cinnabon. Every day during my vacation I put one cashew packet into my purse to have if I got hungry between meals. Did you know dinner in Spain starts at 8pm? Restaurants are not even open before then! I often ate dinner much later than that.

I also brought my bag of Shakeology with me because I knew in Spain my breakfast may not be the best and I wanted to make sure I get my daily protein and vitamins. It was super easy to do, I used the glass they give you in the hotel bathroom, washed it out first as I saw a 20/20 special about how those are never actually cleaned. I poured a scoop of powder into it, then brought it down to the breakfast room to mix with water and juice. Drinking my daily vitamins everyday made sure I didn't get sick because I was traveling with a lot of people that were coughing up a storm.

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