Press-on Toenails

I bought press-on nails during the pandemic, they lasted 1 day, tore up my nails and didn't look real. A month ago somehow I managed to break my big toe nail in half horizontally, no clue how the injury happened, maybe I hit my foot on something at home. One day I looked down and had a split straight across the middle. I googled solutions and some people online said to glue it and get dip powder on top. But then podiatrists online said no way! So I kept nail polish on the broken nail and hoped for the best. It hung in there for 10 weeks until it would no longer stay flush with the rest of my nail. I thought uh-oh it's going to break off, what am I going to do, I'm going to have half a toe nail in the middle sandal season! Don't worry there will be no photos of my toe in this post! lol Then I remembered I still had that pack of press-on nails I bought during the pandemic, I bought a mani and pedi set.

Summer Reading for the Travel Lover

I created a niche summer reading list from books set in Italy, France and Spain. There's nine books on the list with four being new releases this year. If you're feeling left out that you're not having a European summer and wishing you were jetsetting in Italy, I got you covered! These books belong in everyone's pool bag this summer! 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is back! The three-week sales event starts on July 17 and ends on August 6.  Nordstrom credit card holders will get early access to the sale but with a tiered access starting on July 11. Check your account, make sure your Nordstrom card is in your account, for some reason my card seems to disappear every year and I have to reupload it. You’ll also earn Rewards points while you shop, every 2,000 points gets you a $20 Nordstrom Note to use online or in-stores. Cardholders get free alterations to clothes bought at Nordstrom. You can start adding items to your wishlist now so you can quickly add them to your cart when the sale is live because things do sell out fast! They have amazing deals as it's mostly brand new items on sale before they go to regular price.  I shop this sale every year because I always find some great deals. This is also a good time to stock up on beauty items that you'll use throughout the whole year.  I've combed through the sale to find the best pieces so you don't have to!