7 Office Safe Fragrances You Can Wear to Work

If you're also heading back to the office soon I wanted to share some recommendations for good office fragrances. I still want to smell good but offend as few people as possible. My requirements to fit this list are fragrances that are  relatively neutral, meaning not overly sweet,  spicy or strong, yet still sophisticated,  classy and professional. 

For work I always under spray, so 1 or 2 sprays max. I stick to scents that have a soft note and are clean, crisp, light and non-offensive. Sandalwood is a safe note for an office setting. I want fragrances that stay close to the skin and don't project strongly as I don't want to smoke anyone out. Here are some work friendly fragrances from my collection and all of these fragrances are absolutely safe and would be perfect for the office. 

Books to read in honor of Black History Month

February is Black History month in the United States. If you want to honor or celebrate Black History Month by reading books by Black authors, I have highlighted a few good picks for you. I'm not using amazon links when possible for any of the books because authors get a very small cut when you purchase there.

Effortlessly Chic Style

My style journey started last year and since then my taste has evolved so much.  Fashion is something I’m super passionate about! The way we dress affects the way we feel. When you wear the right clothing, you feel like yourself and other people are going to compliment you on how great you look, and it just feels amazing. Fashion is a form of confidence and a way to communicate that feeling. Looking your best will elevate your mood. As my style evolves, my style resolutions for 2022 are that I want to try different silhouettes and grow my color palette. I don’t want to follow trends but rather know which colors and shapes look best on my body type. These days fashion trends have a shorter shelf life than ever especially with social media. If you're stuck in a style rut, here are five things to try this year.

Top 15 Binge Worthy Shows to Watch

Looking for something new to watch? You've come to the right place! Here's what I recommend.

The Tinder Swindler  - Netflix

An absolutely riveting documentary of the true story of a 20-something Israeli con man who swindles European women, whom he met on Tinder.  It's dark and twisty and the most interesting thing to be on netflix in awhile.  At the time of writing this, Simon's insta was public and the ladies have a gofundme up. 

11 Best Winter Perfumes of 2022

As you switch your wardrobe for the different seasons, you should also change your fragrances with the seasons. In the winter time you'll want to wear your heavy, dark, warm, mysterious fragrances and that's because those fragrances do well in cold air. Winter air makes perfumes softer so it's my favorite season to wear perfume because you can wear bold scents.  I enjoy fresher scents in the summer and sweeter more gourmand scents in the winter. If you've gone the whole winter so far with no one smelling you (because you work from home and aren't dining indoors) wear all your heavy hitters now! But go easy on the trigger spray. The cold temperatures and ice on the ground can really suck, but perfumes are the best mood-lifters. Wearing fragrances every day is part of my self-care routine. I don't feel the need to save my fragrances for special occasions. So, I've round up my favorite winter perfumes to elevate your vibe, even if you only wear them at home or to the grocery store.