22 Pairs of Chic White Sneakers for Fall

When my Vejas died,  I've been without a low profile everyday white sneaker for 8 months now because I wanted to wait until I found the perfect replacement. I've been looking for a unique, stylish shoe, that you can actually walk in. I've found that most of these white leather sneakers have no cushiony insoles. I walk hours in my shoes so I need them to actually be functional, comfortable  and stylish. White sneakers have been on trend for the last few years as an every day shoe and to wear with dresses as long as they are a low profile leather one. But be sure to keep them clean, I have a shoe cleaning kit. I bought 4 sneakers from this list and returned 3, find out which one. 

Fall Wish List

With Labor Day Sales starting to trickle in, I wanted to share what's on my wish list for fall fashion. When I had my seasonal color analysis done I was told that I was a dark winter  and thus bright jewel tones are considered much better for my skin. Purple is my favorite color but I've found it's a rare color to find in clothing stores, but this season I'm finally seeing clothes in bright dark purple which is my color! I only wear purple eyeliner with my brown eyes because its so complimentary. I'm super excited to see these jewel tones in stores and need to buy them.

Layering necklaces has been on trend and I want to level up my jewelry. I bought two necklaces from BaubleBar last year whose chain turned silver within less than three months. So I know I need to invest in better quality jewelry so that it will last longer. I want some quality pieces that I can wear every week and really get my cost per wear. 

I don’t do the stilettos very well anymore but I love these booties with skinny heels which is a big trend. I think pointed  booties are so chic and easiest thing to level up your look and these are timeless and will last for some years. 

Morning Skincare Routine

Here are the products I'm currently using and this has given me the best skin of my life! I exercise 5x days a week so I have a lot of sweat on my face which results in texture or tiny bumps from the bacteria. I also deal with some hyperpigmentation. Otherwise my skin type is normal, no acne and I rarely moisturize, I think it's because I drink a lot of water. Step 1 is the cleanser, then an essence, a spray, a light liquid, 2 serums, eye cream and sunscreen and yes I do all of this everyday. I use a fan in between layers to help my skin dry faster.

I work from home so the sunscreen is only applied if I go outside. The only makeup I wear to my zoom office is under eye concealer and eyeliner which was the opposite of when I worked in an office, then I only wore mascara. But for zoom calls, I feel I'm not in the best lighting and there's shadows on my face and that's why I wear concealer under my eyes even though I don't feel I particularly have dark under eyes. Once you put concealer on, you have to add some life to your face with eyeliner. 

When I do a full face makeup on the weekend, I don't do the last two serums because that makes my makeup pill.

Truvani Plant Based Protein Powder

Part of my weight loss plan was to increase my protein macros. I read that if you're lifting weights you want to eat a certain amount of protein to preserve your muscle mass so you don't slow down your metabolic rate plus eating protein throughout the day makes weight loss easier because it helps with hunger and  fullness aka managing your appetite. I did not replace any meals with a protein shake, but I thought since lifting heavy weights 5x a week is such an intrical part of my workout regime it would be good to add a protein shake as a snack. I don't drink it daily, but a few times a week and it tastes really good. It was important for me to find a plant based protein powder that has clean ingredients. Truvani only has 6 ingredients in their protein powders! Just be aware that shipping is very slow and their marketing practices can be annoying.