Fragrance Wardrobe: What Perfumes I Wear

Perfume can be the finishing touch that pulls your look together and gives you confidence just from the scent you are wearing. But finding the right scent for you is like finding your dream partner. Perfume shopping can be a bit overwhelming, trying on so many scents and none fitting right. The possibilities are endless with what type of perfume you can wear which is why I could never commit to one signature scent to wear daily. I only lightly dabbled in perfume before the pandemic, but now I really got into it!  I've been enjoying wearing perfume everyday to work from home. It's fun picking out what fragrance I'm in the mood for that day, it makes me free great regardless if I'm not leaving my home. 

Blue Apron Review

This review is for the vegetarian offerings of Blue Apron and I will say it's my 2nd favorite delivery meal kit option after Purple Carrot. Blue Apron has a fancy grilled cheese sandwich once a month which is the main reason I keep the box. I don't buy bread because I wouldn't be responsible with it and eat it way too fast. lol So it's very rare I eat a grilled cheese sandwich. Blue Apron's grilled cheese are always made with some kind of white cheese and then another ingredient inside the sandwich  (like mango chutney, mushrooms or caramelized onion) and served with a side salad of lettuce (something else I never buy). Normally I would still be hungry after a grilled cheese so having that side salad is perfect.