Black Friday {Giveaway}

One day I was searching Etsy for statement necklaces and Banana Republic/JCrew knock off jewelry and stumbled upon Shamelessly Sparkly and with such a fabulous name somehow I just knew I would love them! Well I was totally blown away by their jewelry pieces! Not only are they beautiful, but they are affordable! They now have an online store that you have to check out!

I bought this elegant navy necklace that I wore in this post and this video. I've found that it's so versatile I've worn it with so many different outfits it really goes with so many colors.

I've also bought some other nice pieces from them like this gorgeous red rosette necklace that I spent so much time debating what color to get it in. lol 

This three strand bead necklace is my fave! I just love how the gold beads make it look so royal! It comes in a number of color combinations.

For my next purchase I'm getting this gorgeous purple number and a pair of green chandelier earrings.

I'm thrilled to announce a Giveaway sponsored by Shamelessly Sparkly. One of my stylish readers will win these gorgeous earrings below! I'm excited to partner with them since I just love their jewelry! These earrings are 2.5 inches long and I think they make quite the statement! It would also make a great holiday gift idea!

One winner will be chosen at random, giveaway ends Monday December 2, 2013 at midnight PST. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place. Open to US Residents only.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday with their family. I won't be eating any turkey today but I love all the sides! Maybe I should get an inflatable turkey? lol

Here's a pumpkin coffee shakeology recipe for you to try!

Couple sale alerts!
Sephora has posted all their Black Friday deals on their pinterest page!

Sign up for a free Beachbody account here so you have access to their Black Friday sale already in progress! They've discounted P90x, TurboFire, Insanity and their beauty line Derm Exclusive!

Happy 200th Blog Post to Me!

You are reading my 200th blog post!  It might not seem a lot but to think I've done this 200 times already. When I started it in March I didn't know how long I would keep up this blog so I've really surprised myself. I'm super big on celebrating milestones, shoot last year I celebrated my birthday twice! Had a half birthday party 6 months after my birthday! lol This blog has been visited from 27 countries. The top three are: #1 USA, #2 Canada and #3 UK. Special shout out to the person who visits from an Anonymous Proxy! lol

So here's my Academy acceptance speech:
Thank you all for coming and visiting me as it has been a ton of fun to write about all sorts of stuff that makes me happy. I hope you have enjoyed it too. Please let me know if there is something you would like me to write about. 

To celebrate I've changed my blog header, what do you think? Be sure to check out my blog on Friday for a big surprise!

Here's a recap of some of my most popular posts:

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Shakeology flavors
These are best made with Vanilla Shakeology, the flavor and nutritional content will not be the same with another brand.
                  Pumpkin Pie                                       Apple Pie                                 Snickerdoodle

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Style Trend: Military Camouflage

Camo print seems to always be coming back into style. Check out this collage I complied of Rhianna  over the years. I wasn't a fan of the onesie (first pic) though. lol Did you see her hair style at the American Music Awards on Sunday? Here's the reaction to it.

I've found so many stores have camo print in their fall line right now! But I think the trend is different this year because I've noticed people are styling it more chic. I just bought myself a pair of camo leggings that I'm going to style with these red pumps!

Re-designing my shoe closet

I love shoes and love organization. Here's what my coat closet looks like now. I removed the coats to show you what the back of the closet looks like. I feel like I'm always searching for shoes because I can't really "see" them. Plus I don't have space for my summer shoes, full sneaker collection, my boots are hidden, and I have more shoes still in boxes in my other closet. So I'm going to put up shelves to showcase my shoe collection. I had someone come in yesterday to take measurements and I'm hoping it will be done in the next week or two!

Before I have the shelves installed I'm trying to decide what color to paint the wall. What do you think?
I should mention that I decorate for me and no one else, don't care about the resale value because I can always paint over it, after all it's just paint. I choose things I like that make me happy. Although it may seem like a waste of time to most to paint a closet, it is something I see at least twice a day, and it will brighten my day to pull my shoes out of this closet. So be part of my selection process! What color should I paint my closet?

Would you consider making such a bold statement with your closet painting it pink? To sway the votes lol ....

The other option is wallpaper, but I'm not sure you'd even see it in such a small space? But I love me some damask pattern!

Sparkle Sneak Peek

I had the most amazing day spending 6 hours at a holiday fashion shoot! Disco balls, submarines, snow, pine cones, confetti and cranberry prosecco. More details to come....

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Powdered Peanut Butter

Previously I posted about PB2, well today I'm going talk about another brand - Betty Lou's Just Great Stuff Organic Powdered Peanut Butter. Have you tried this yet? I've been putting it into my protein shakes. It's peanut butter without the fat! It only has 45 calories and 2g of sugar per serving. You can also put it on your toast if you mix it with water. I used to only be able to buy this online but a new grocery store opened up near me and they sell it for $8 (PB2 is only $4).  But Just Great Stuff has cleaner ingredients than PB2 that's why I made the switch. However I do prefer the chocolate flavor of PB2 over Just Great Stuff because Just Great Stuff has a more bitter chocolate taste with sea salt. It's a great for a post workout snack! You can also use it when you make Shakeology Balls.


Here's my winter wishlist. The majority of my pajamas are from Victoria Secret, many I bought in high school that are still on the rotation schedule. They're good quality, pretty fabrics and last a long time. Did you know that the word Pajama, originates from two Persian words - pāy (leg) + jāma (garment)?

Target finds and the White Blazer

I don't get out to the movies much, I pretty much catch everything on netflix. But when my friend H invites me out to the movies, it's always her pick and it always ends up being a great choice. We saw the movie About Time  which is a British romantic comedy about a family of time travelers. You must see it!

In one scene a woman was wearing a white blazer that I just looked brilliant! So I just bought my first white blazer which is a wardrobe piece I've been wanting for awhile for work but never thought it could be worn at night too. But after googling celebs in white blazers to get an idea on how to style it I saw it's quite a popular look! It can be paired with jeans, black leggings, or a nice dress. Then I checked out Target and saw that they have some really nice pieces perfect for holiday parties coming up!


Can you tell I'm a KimK fan? lol

Tips for a beautiful cheese board

I have to admit that I love cheese!  I recently went to a wine bar and saw they had a flight of three wines and cheese for $25. Well the pieces of cheese were so small (just one bite size piece) and the wine wasn't full glasses! I thought I could do this at home more cost effectively.  Are you planning on throwing a wine and cheese party this holiday season? Here's how I put together a nice assortment.

For the picture above each block of cheese is only half a block with each block cost around $7. A cheese board should have a variety of textures and flavors. I have three of my favorite cheese here: Italian Truffle (an expensive indulgence), Spanish Manchego, and Dutch Robusto - which has a wonderful nutty flavor.  But you can't just eat cheese alone! So I added some sweet and salty accompaniments, from sliced bread, to nuts and fresh fruit like grapes and pears. Fig jam is also a good idea or chocolate. Then of course wine is the final thing needed to polish the palate. After my trip to Spain I've been on a Spanish kick with my wine selection, but I've always been a fan of Tempranillo wine.

Now if you're throwing a party it might be nice to label the cheese so guests know what is what. And pre-slice the cheese so guests can go ahead and dig in! Make sure the cheese are room temperature before serving because cold cheese has muted flavor. Random sidenote: One of my biggest pet peeves is people who keep cupcakes in the fridge and serve it immediately, cold cake has no flavor, I don't want to eat that! And frosted cake doesn't need to be refrigerated anyway, they're sitting on the counter at the cupcake shop and grocery store.

For a party make sure you have the proper cheese tools. Crate and Barrel is my favorite store for household goods, it's where I've gotten all of my kitchen dinnerware and stemware. It's also where I got this cheese board from. Be sure to get yourself a cheese knife. Here are some suggestions for where to get yourself a cheese board from Amara or Sur La Table.

Final tip - don’t be afraid to try something new! Trader Joe's has all kinds of exotic cheeses like a chocolate cheddar, cranberry goat cheese log, beer cheddar which is actually a black cheese. All of which I've tried and loved!

Shopping | Nine West

I was searching my email for something and came across a receipt for an online purchase I made last year for these bright purple sequin boots:

Well since it's already chilly outside I wanted to wear them. Now I don't recall ever wearing these boots before but I do remember that my lazy ass never went back to the store to return them. lol  So I looked through my closet and couldn't find them, but I know they're in there somewhere, in the deep abyss of my closet. lol I recently reorganized my jewelry so that I can actually see what I have.  So I've come up with the idea to transform the back of my coat closet into this:

To prep I took out all my heels and came up with some surprise finds that I forgot I ever bought. lol I also threw out some shoes and then realized I am lacking an animal print shoe and a red shoe. So naturally I hit up my favorite shoe store to fill this void. I did finally find those purple boots (and a birdcage I lost lol), can't wait to wear them!

Nine West shoes

Mark your calendar, Target is putting all their fashion boots on sale after Thanksgiving! They normally cost $40, check out their ad:

Califia Almond Milk

I can't remember the last time I drank cows milk?  In high school I only bought soy milk for my cereal. At some point in the last few years I switched to almond milk. I haven't jumped onto the bangwagon that soy is bad, but when I started drinking protein shakes regularly almond milk became a regular feature in my diet. I did a cost/nutrition comparison of various almond milks and found that Whole Foods 365 brand of unsweetened almond milk was the best, better than Trader Joes. Although I bet it's the same as Almond breeze, just a bit cheaper sometimes. All three are shelf stable until you open them.

Recently someone turned me onto Califia Almond Milk which can be found at Whole Foods or Harris Teeter in the fridge. It costs a bit more than the 365 brand of almond milk, but totally worth it for the taste. It comes in a huge 1.4L gorgeous shaped bottle (like a bowling pin) that is BPA-free and 100% recyclable. They also have 3 flavors of iced coffee (mixed with almond milk), citrus juices (made from clementines) and holiday nog (which is light but delicious)!

Califia Farms was founded in 2010 by Odwalla's founder and all of its products are made in California. Their products are all 100% vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-,soy-, and dairy-free. Unlike most almond milks that are processed from roasted almonds, Califia Farms are made from whole blanched almonds. Califia Farms Almondmilk is substantially fortified with calcium, vitamin D (vegan), vitamin E, vitamin B12, and more. Their Almondmilk has 50% more calcium than cow’s milk. They make it creamier by adding less water to it. Once open it's good for 7-10 days. Their Pure Almondmilk comes in four varieties: Unsweetened, Vanilla, Creamy and a Coconut Almondmilk Blend. The coconut flavor was just released this January and is my favorite! Most coconut milk beverages have no taste to me, but theirs was very rich. They're all low on sugar.

Definitely look out for it next time you're at the grocery store!