9 Travel-Sized Perfumes for Your Next Trip

I've heard people complain of packing liquids in their suitcase and TSA opens it but doesn't close it up right and everything leaks. I keep all my liquids in my carry-on. You're allowed to bring 3.4 ounce (100 ml) bottles in your carry-on. Buying travel sized perfume is also a great way to try out a new perfume instead of buying the full sized bottle. It's great for using at home too because you can keep in your purse for touch ups throughout the day. I also having a signature scent for a vacation to remember that destination by. 

Quiet Luxury - Designer Belts

Quiet luxury is new age minimalism where you focus on buying investment pieces that you can wear for a long time. The Gucci belt that all the influencers were wearing a few years ago got oversaturated since everyone had it, so now it looks dated and the logo takes away from your outfit. There's been a shift to not show big logos on your clothes because as they say true wealth whispers in their elegance. I want to share some chic designer belts that don't have loud logos on them that you would only recognize if you know, you know. I love how luxury belts have buckles that are more refined and they fit with the leather part of the belt perfectly. Any dress that comes with a fabric belt, you should replace that belt with a leather belt to elevate the look. Belts give you the ability to pull looks together; thus expanding your belt collection is another way to expand the ways that you can style outfits. 

A Guide to Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Latin America. It's a colorful, tropical city with so much to do, see and eat. I went for 4 days last November which I thought was plenty of time. I enjoyed Cartagena so much I could see me buying a condo there to retire. Suffice to say, I loved Cartagena! This old, historic city creates a colorful backdrop for vivid photos. The buildings are painted a wide array of colors and had bright bougainvillea vines passing through some of them. The colonial architecture was gorgeous from the ornate churches to the unique door knockers.  I spend my days just walking around aimlessly and went to a few rooftop terraces for a breeze. Cartagena is a walled city because its surrounded by a walled fortification built in the 1600s to protect from pirate attacks. Today the city walls are a UNESCO heritage site. The walls stretch for 6.8 miles around the old city. Cartagena was considered one of the most important ports of America throughout the entire Spanish colonial period. It's definitely a city worth putting on your list to visit!

What's New in Las Vegas

I'm visiting Las Vegas later this year and I'm doing research since I haven't been in a decade and I can't believe how many new changes there are! After I return I'll post a full trip report of where I ate and what shows I saw. Also, I have a friend going to Vegas after me for the Formula 1 race so that piqued my interest too and I had to research that as well. I have learned so much super interesting info about what's new in Vegas  that I wanted to share with you in case you're planning a trip there too.