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Quiet luxury is new age minimalism where you focus on buying investment pieces that you can wear for a long time. The Gucci belt that all the influencers were wearing a few years ago got oversaturated since everyone had it, so now it looks dated and the logo takes away from your outfit. There's been a shift to not show big logos on your clothes because as they say true wealth whispers in their elegance. I want to share some chic designer belts that don't have loud logos on them that you would only recognize if you know, you know. I love how luxury belts have buckles that are more refined and they fit with the leather part of the belt perfectly. Any dress that comes with a fabric belt, you should replace that belt with a leather belt to elevate the look. Belts give you the ability to pull looks together; thus expanding your belt collection is another way to expand the ways that you can style outfits. 

All of these are European fashion houses so they don't have larger American sizing unfortunately. 

 Isabel Marant -The wrap Lecce belt looks chic over a dress or with pants. I can never remember how to tie this belt so I always have to refer to the picture but I think it really makes a great statement! Largest size fits a 38 inch waist. 

Chloe "C' Belt

You can't even tell this is a logo. The gold brass buckle shaped as the Maison's signature "C". The largest size only fits a 33.5" waist.

J.Hannah makes a dupe of the belt but only in small sizes.

Loewe Anagram Belt

The buckle is shaped in the house’s iconic emblem and has a push-stud fastening. Largest size is 110cm.

Loewe and Celine are designers at the top of their game as they feel fresh and modern but still classic and will stand the test of time and will make a good investment piece. 

Celine Triompe Belt 

Features the brand's classic Triomphe symbol, a logo that nods to the Parisian monument, the Arc de Triomphe. Largest size is 90cm. 

Hermes Kelly 18 Belt 

Instead of a traditional construction with holes, it has a sliding system that fits from 23.6" to 39.4". Right now it comes in 4 colors. 

On the more affordable end:

With a gold textured buckle, this belt comes in 3 sizes and no holes. They constantly release new colors throughout the year. I have it the violet purple below and wear with white pants and shorts. Purple is my favorite color so I get a lot of wear out of it. Largest size is 100cm.

Such a quintessential summer look with beautiful refinement. Pair it with a white dress.

This is a statement belt that looks designer! It comes in 4 colors and the largest size fits a 31 inch waist. 

Target makes a dupe of Sezane's Jones belt in a size XL. Here is a similar belt  with more sizes.

I was going to put Tory Burch's Miller Belt (up to a 40 inch waist) on this list but all the fashion experts are saying the Tory Burch Miller sandals are out of style now, gasp! I know controversial hot take so we're not going to go there. lol 

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