Sephora Holiday 2023 Savings Event

Sephora has had a lot of sales this year! In July was National Lipstick day where most lip products were 50% off! In August they had a surprise 20% coupon you could only get from employees. Then in September they had one day 50% off deals for select products. And next in October they had one day 50% off deals for hair products. End of October brings us to their annual Holiday 2023 Savings Event. After this, they will have a Black Friday sale as well. Here's what's in my cart or what I already own that I recommend you buy. 

The Complete Guide to Press-On Nails

You can see from my collection that you can easily keep up with the latest nail trends without going to the salon. I think that's what makes press-on nails so fun is to get the pointy nails with designs - something special because you can always paint your own nails a plain color. Press-on nails have come such a long way! I never in a million years did I think I would wear this, they look real and last 2 weeks. I'm totally surprised. My nails grow longer when I wear press-on nails. My preferred shape is either Short Oval or Medium Pointed Almond but if the nail comes in a square, they can all be filed down with a regular nail file to the desired length and shape you want. I couldn't justify spending so much money on nails at the salon and time when my nails were getting so damaged. In the beginning as I was learning how to use them, yes sometimes press-on nails do pop off  but I just keep glue in my purse. The longer the press on nails the more flimsy it will be so stick with shorter ones. I'll go through all the brands I tried and give my review of each one but first let me tell you what's trending for nails this season. 

All Time Favorite Blushes

Blush is my favorite makeup item to wear. It makes a huge difference to give you that sunkiss burnt vibes for a healthy glow.  I'm drawn to beige blush shades because it gives you a natural flush of color and won't compete with a bold eye color. I'm personally not a fan of pink blush on my tan skin because my skin doesn't "blush" when I go to the gym, it never naturally gets bright pink. When I'm tan I love to wear orange blush, that's my vacation vibe and look. Blush is my obsession,  I feel I try to keep most categories in my makeup collection as curated as I can, but something about blush I love it so much that this is the category that’s just a little out of hand. Here's a roundup of my favorite blushes. I know I don't need 13 blushes when it takes 1 year to go through one, but I will never hit pan on a blush. The Sephora sale is coming in two weeks so save this list of my recommendations of what to pick up. 

I use this acrylic organizer for my powder blushes but my cream blushes don't fit in here.  I’m excited to walk you through the ones that are my favorite. 

Taking Action on Your Weight Loss

I've lost 25 lbs and I can't wait to tell you how! My weight has been creeping up the past 6 years and I was tired of buying new pants every year and just wanted to be able to wear the same pair of shorts for three years in a row.  I eventually realized that the reason I hadn’t been able to lose weight is a lack of consistency in meal planning. I have a love hate relationship with meal planning, sometimes I’m into it but then I lack motivation and I will just wing it and engage in overeating. I’ve always had a good relationship with exercise and enjoy it and that is something I consistently do. But I knew I needed to prioritize getting my calorie deficit down and upping my protein count so I can feel full longer and build more muscle. It took me a little over three months to achieve this result.