8 ways to style your white jeans for spring

This year white jeans have been a spring staple for me. I love them this time of year! You can pair them with anything and everything. It's a great wardrobe staple to have in the spring, but too hot for summer. In the past I would only think to pair them with a light pink top, but I think they elevate any top you put them with. I know you may be afraid of getting them dirty, but I don't wear them on a rainy day. I feel that clothes are meant to be worn, loved and enjoyed as they are washable.

Here are some buying tips to make sure you get a flattering pair. First your waist band should always be mid-rise or high rise so everything is tucked in. Get good quality jeans so the fabric has weight and is thicker; that way it won't be see through or show every lump and bump. I bought these white jeans a few months ago and have been wearing them nonstop this spring. But if those are sold out here are some other options: mid-riseskinny jeans. bootcut. I've bought jeans from the LOFT for years and they are really good quality. This post talks about the benefits of bootcut jeans. 

Style tips: Unless you're wearing a black top, I would recommend not wearing white jeans with black shoes because it make your legs look cut off, stick to nude colored shoes. Don't wear a long top to cover your tummy, doing so will make your legs look short, always tuck it in to make your proportions look better. Always wear nude underwear with white jeans.

White jeans are an easy and versatile way to feel put together and can be dressed up or dressed down. Here are lots of inspiration for you of color combinations that works well together paired with white jeans. So when you have nothing to wear, shop your closet and try one of these combos.

Easter Baskets are not just for kids!

This post originally appeared on the blog in 2014 but I really love the three ideas and wanted to give this post a little update.

Easter is such a wonderful time of year just because spring is in full swing with daffodils and tulips blooming after a long winter. I can always expect a full church service on Easter with everyone dressed in their pastel best! Of course I look forward to Easter dinner with the family where Manischewitz wine is tradition. In case you're preparing an Easter Brunch try this recipe.

I always joke with my mom every Easter that I don't remember getting Easter baskets as a child and I think she should make one for me now. lol One cold rainy day last month I ducked into Walmart so I could feel my hands again and buy a new umbrella as mine had died in the storm. Unfortunately they didn't have any but I decided to roam the aisles just to warm up again. What they did have was a whole aisle dedicated to Easter baskets! OMG they were so cute and cheap, you could get everything you needed for under $10. I started picking out a purple basket for myself complete with purple grass and metallic eggs then thought what would I do with this? lol

6 Best Spring Perfumes

Scents can be an instant mood lifter.  After a gloomy winter, Washington, D.C. just had the Cherry Blossom bloom a little early this year.  Hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, and jasmine are in bloom now, next month will be the lilacs and wisteria. Yes I know the whole schedule because I love going out to look at all of them. With a new season, comes a fresh perfume rotation. You automatically look good when you smell good. The only time anyone will complain about your perfume is if you spray too much. "Ladies a man will never remember your handbag, but will always remember your perfume." Oliver Creed (perfumer)

For the spring, the types of fragrances I like are fresh scents and photorealistic flowers; I'm a white flower-holic. Smelling my perfumes uplifts my spirits, thus these fragrances make me happy. When shopping for fragrances I always say, quality over quantity. Save your money to get a good fragrance that you're going to love rather than a bunch of affordable ones that you feel meh about and need to layer with other fragrances to like. A person's fragrance "wardrobe" should include more than just designer perfumes, hence my list consists of only niche fragrances.

People associate memories with scents so having a signature scent is always nice. Having that beautiful smell about you instantly is very inviting to other people that are around you.  Definitely look for something that reflects you as a person. Finding a great scent is going to make you more attractive.
I've been wanting to get into my spring fragrances since the middle of winter, as we could use a little pick me up while we wait for summer. So I'm excited to start a new fragrance rotation for spring. Here are my spring perfume picks. 


Spring Cleaning Tips 2022

Spring is officially here so it's time to get some spring cleaning into gear! I love opening my windows in the springtime, because I can really only do that twice a year in spring and fall. Opening windows to circulate the air is the easiest way to freshen the air in your home. My mother was always big about having open windows at home, I don't know if that's a European thing? It ventilates your home and gets rid of stale air.  Since we're still in a panini, its even more important now to have fresh air circulating in your home when guests come over. 

I'm still working from home as I think many others are as well, so as we're still spending more time at home, nothing feels more satisfying than having a clean and organized home. Step one is to declutter, that's the biggest part of spring cleaning as you can't actually clean until everything is tided up. A disorganized home will only add to your stress levels.