Easter Baskets are not just for kids!

This post originally appeared on the blog in 2014 but I really love the three ideas and wanted to give this post a little update.

Easter is such a wonderful time of year just because spring is in full swing with daffodils and tulips blooming after a long winter. I can always expect a full church service on Easter with everyone dressed in their pastel best! Of course I look forward to Easter dinner with the family where Manischewitz wine is tradition. In case you're preparing an Easter Brunch try this recipe.

I always joke with my mom every Easter that I don't remember getting Easter baskets as a child and I think she should make one for me now. lol One cold rainy day last month I ducked into Walmart so I could feel my hands again and buy a new umbrella as mine had died in the storm. Unfortunately they didn't have any but I decided to roam the aisles just to warm up again. What they did have was a whole aisle dedicated to Easter baskets! OMG they were so cute and cheap, you could get everything you needed for under $10. I started picking out a purple basket for myself complete with purple grass and metallic eggs then thought what would I do with this? lol

So, since I was in a creative mood and thought it would be better to do something nice for someone else,  I decided to make an alternative Easter basket for my thirty something significant other. I love making holidays special and finding little, simple ways to celebrate each one. Last year I gave suggestions on healthy easter baskets and my boyfriend is very health conscious so I didn't want to fill this up with boxes of candy. If you need ideas for what to put in your man's basket besides candy, you can put gift cards, grooming items, socks, protein bars, magazines or a 25 Things I Love About You list and use a box of beer as your basket. I saw on tiktok someone did a beer Easter hunt for men who lived in the neighborhood, their "Easter basket" was a 4 pack empty case. 

Inside my eggs are encouraging Biblical quotes rolled up on tiny pieces of paper, coconut cashews and dried montmorency cherries. I figured it was a little healthier than jelly beans.

Since I love chalkboard everything, I was thrilled to see that someone made chalkboard easter eggs!

Inspired by Easter Eggs I'm wearing a pastel purple (Zoya Perrie) nail polish for Easter.

In the spirit of Easter I wanted to share some really great wisdom from my church. They just wrapped up a series on relationships and the pastors encouraged us to surround ourselves with positive people.

We all need: 1) friends that make us better, 2) friends who help us find spiritual strength and 3) friends that will tell us the truth. 

Just for laughs check out some of the finalists from the Washington Post annual Peeps contest!

Oscar selfie

Miley Cyrus

Olympics Ice Skating

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