Meal Kits Delivered

When the quarantine started I decided to sign up for two mail order meal kits. My grocery store was often empty of produce and had security problems due to people wearing masks.  I thought it would be safer for me to avoid other people at the grocery store by having my groceries delivered. I signed up for Purple Carrot which is a vegan meal kit and Marley Spoon which is Martha Stewart's brand. I used Purple Carrot five years ago and wrote a review here. While I enjoyed it I didn't stick with it because I found it expensive verses buying the same ingredients from the grocery store. But during quarantine, I found the boxes a huge help. I had so much food I couldn't order take out. I also highly recommend them if you're in a rut for what to cook. I swear some of the recipes are things I would never have done on my own but were very innovative and tasty. Getting two boxes a week, delivered on different days,  is enough food for the whole week. My credit card categories these boxes as groceries so I got 3x points on these purchases. 

Black Lives Matter

art by Daria Rosen

My head space is very emotional being in the epicenter in Washington, DC and witnessing everything. Black people deserve love and respect. The protests aren't new, it's just that everything has been recorded on iphones in the last 5 years so now everyone is forced to see what Black people have always known has been happening. Racial violence is not political, it's a public health problem. The system has always been broken with little to no change. How many marches have their been since MLK's March on Washington? I've spent the last two weeks sad and heartbroken over race relations in our country. This blog has always had posts on finding a deeper meaning in life so I wanted to share some resources about this human issue and how you can be an ally and advocate to the Black community.