Vegan Meal Delivery Kit Services

I'm sure you've heard of Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Plated, of which I've tried them all. But I always thought the vegetarian options were limited so I was thrilled to learn of some vegan meal delivery services! As someone who enjoys cooking gourmet meals from scratch already, I've found these services a bit pricey. But I think it's a great way to find new recipes to try or to order when you have company visiting so everything is all set and ready to go. Some of these are subscription based services where you sign up to be billed every week for delivery. I'd prefer to check the menu each week then decide if I want it or not. Here's my experience with each company.

Purple Carrot This was my favorite until they decided to go to the weekly delivery pricing system.
They deliver vegan, plant-based meals with no heavily processed ingredients. The recipes are submitted by author and chef Mark Bittman and reviewed by nutritionists. Meals change weekly, and each week there are four dinner options from which you pick and also get a dessert. You are sent via FedEx pre-measured food that you just chop and cook. I enjoyed the meals but found the desserts to be a bit weird and just missing the mark.The cost is $68 for 3 meals a week each serving 2 people.

Lighter is a bit different in that they employ someone local to you to go to Whole Foods and bring you grocery bags full of the non-portioned ingredients. They ask you during the check out which staples you already have at home, and since I already have a full pantry I practically had almost every ingredient! I thought if I'm paying them for food, why un-check items to help them save money because they're not deducting it from my payment? So I ended up with a bottle of olive oil which all other meal delivery services I've used already assumed you have.  They ask your cooking skill, preferred cooking time, and if you have a blender. I picked advanced and 45 min cooking time, yet I thought the recipes were quite basic. You can also choose how many breakfasts, lunches or dinners you want to receive in your package, but don't get to pick your recipes. For snacks I got a large bag of popcorn and nuts, but I'd rather not get snacks. You sign up for an on-going weekly subscription program and the weekly cost is $65.

Vegan Cuts
Is a monthly subscription to a vegan snack box for $20. You can read my review here. I loved discovering new products that I had just never noticed at Whole Foods before. The problem was I usually ate the whole box the day it arrived! lol

While not a vegan service, it is a DC based daily meal delivery service. So unlike the others where you are picking your meals 2 weeks in advance, here you pick the day of if you want their meal of the day which sometimes are vegetarian or have a vegetarian option. Cost is $31.50 plus tax and makes 3 servings.

I personally haven't tried this because of the price point but I'm dying to do so. For $99 per day you get 3 vegan and or raw meals. For $125 it will also include their special waters. I don't know but I think $30+ seems pretty pricey for a salad.

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