The Best Low Calorie Ice Cream

I have a huge sweet tooth so I'm always trying to find healthier versions of desserts. The reason I always eat low cal ice cream is partly for the calories, but also I'm trying to reduce my refined sugar intake. I read this fabulous book last year Cancer-Free with Food that repeats what I've read in many other places, that sugar causes cancer to grow and spread more quickly. And weight gain  to your waistline can lead to cancer.

Cucumber Martini

I love the fresh flavor of cucumber water that you get in hotel lobbies.  When I heard that restaurants are now allowed to deliver alcoholic cocktails I thought what would love to drink? The cucumber cosmo at Fig and Olive but the restaurant is closed right now.  I absolutely love cucumber cocktails and I figured this is something I could make myself. At the bar this cocktail would be $16 plus tip. I spent $70 on the two full size bottles of St. Germain and Effen Vodka. If you do the math, 4 cocktails would equal $70 at the bar. I made 3 drinks and used less than a fourth of the bottles.

Is Your Skincare Routine Spring Ready?

I think we've all seen that meme that says "I now have time for that 24 step skin care routine". lol  Your skincare routine should be amazing right now! You should come out this with incredible skin and experience an intense glow up! Now is also a great time to switch to natural deodorant  so you can go through the detox period at home.

Spring is a time to swap out your heavy winter moisturizers for lighter formulas, step up your SPF game and exfoliate dull skin. While you're home you have time go through your product stash and throw out old products. Sephora is having their spring sale where the whole store will be 15% for VIB members on April 21-29. Sephora just released their summer kits: Summer Sun on the FlyPower of the Petal, Hair Minis, and Travel Minis. These kits are a great way to sample Sephora's most popular and newest products.

I know that skincare is very personal so what works for me may not work for you. My skin type is normal, I drink a ton of water  and don't wear foundation, powder, or bb/cc creams so my freckles show. I like to every so often do updates on my current skincare routine on my blog.  In doing so I didn't realize I had so many Murad products  as I bought them all at separate times. I always do a lot of research on a product to read reviews before buying them. Because a product can claim anything, but not really deliver or have a good formula. Good skin means you don't need as much makeup for your daily life. I've grouped the products by purpose, not order of steps. The idea is you should have one product from each section. 

What I've Been Reading Lately

I had a lot more time to read during the past month. I got a new sectional couch which became my comfy new reading space. If you ever said you didn't have time to read, well now you do! It's a great excuse to turn off the news and escape into a book.

I love sharing my love of books with you and I think these books will help you pass the time that you are stuck at home.  This list has a little bit of everything. Once I start a good book I really look forward to reading a chapter every day. I tend to read right before bedtime so my eyes are not looking at the blue light on my phone. I'm not a huge TV watcher, I mean I watch a few shows but I don't have cable. I only have netflix and hulu so that frees up my time. On planes and waiting in airports I always read, but don't find much time on vacation as my vacations are very active city exploring vacations.  I read my kindle in bed in the dark, but also love a good hardcover book as I can feel how much progress I'm making through the book. I prefer to bring a hardcover book on vacation.