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These looks embodies my vibe for the summer! I'd call it Cool Girl Relaxed Vibes. If you want to feel stylish and current for this season I will share the top ten trends in summer fashion this year. Nothing here is really new, they just continue to be in the spotlight. So not much of a surprise from last year, they always come back again. The good news is that you probably already own most of summer’s key elements.

Don't forget about the three color rule when building your outfits. Keep your outfits to just three colors, it makes your outfit look more pulled together but also adds some dimension. The best outfits are made by creating some contrast, pairing wide leg pants with a slim top creates for a well rounded outfit. Black isn't always best in summer as a neutral, there are other neutral colors that won't be as heavy. Consider white or nude shoes instead of black. Asymmetric one shoulder tops are very much a happening look this summer. 

Linen is trending this season and the clean girl era has emphasized the beauty of simplicity. Linen pants are the epitome of effortless elegance. They give that laid back sophisticated look. It has a timeless appeal that goes beyond trends. Its something you will reach for year after year especially if you invest in a high quality pair. It's a breathable material and natural fabric that is perfect to wear in summer heat. You won't catch me in denim in the summer.

White linen pants are a wardrobe staple for me. They are my summer uniform, I live in them. Adding some texture to your wardrobe is so important to add some interest to your outfits and linen is a texture. I'm willing to pay for premium quality, my requirements are that the fabric has to be 100% linen, the pants need to be lined and have a drawstring. They are my summer sweatpants, an easy pant to wear and a great foundation piece. It will give you that easy breezy vacation look while still looking polished. I recommend always wearing open toe sandals with linen pants. Don't have time for a pedicure, try a pair of Press-on Toenails. I also got this linen shirt in light yellow.

Linen Pants

JCrew - Comes in lots of colors. Last year their linen pants didn't go on sale when the rest of the store did, so fair warning don't wait for a sale for this one. I already bought it and love it as its very elevated! The composition is 100% linen. 

H&M (linen blend) H&M always does a great job with the linen pieces every year.

H&M (ankle length, 100% linen)

Madewell (linen blend)

Old Navy (linen blend)

Gap Factory (linen blend)

Mango (100% linen)

Anthropologie - I bought these! 

Amazon (linen blend, tall girl friendly)

Amazon Set (I have something similar from another store)

Princess Polly (extended sizes)

Flowy Palazzo Pants

A universal solution for hot weather and looks very Bohemian. The wider leg gives you that flowy feel and its made of soft, thinner fabrics. I often have to take these pants to the tailor to shorten. You want to have contrasting shapes in your outfit so with baggy pants you want to pair them with a slim tank top. That creates a cooler, more relaxed, undone feel that has an ease to it and gives you that effortless look. Also contrast textures so since the pants are silky the top should not be. 

Zara - I bought these!

H&M - I bought these!



Ann Taylor I tried this on but didn't like the orange in the pattern

Venus my mom bought these

Princess Polly (extended sizes)

Crushed Fabric Effect

Doesn't have to be ironed and the texture does not need other accents.
Zara - I bought these!


Old Navy


Gap on sale!

Tailored  Shorts or Bermuda

Don't limit yourself, you don't have to wait until your body gets to a certain size or shape before you put on a pair of shorts, you deserve to wear them now. 






Banana Republic Factory



The suit vest is replacing tank tops. This trend started last year and I ignored it because it seemed menswear inspired I have a more feminine aesthetic. But this summer I will be giving the trend a try. The 90s vibe is strong with this one. The core of being fashionable is being able to take risks. Matching vests with bermuda shorts is the top trend and will be the summertime uniform in 2024. Vests add structure to the silhouette and balance out wide leg pants.








The Nautical trend is timeless and easy to pull off. To create a sailing aesthetic the foundation is stripes. Opt for navy and white tops for an instant maritime vibes and pair with either white shorts or shorts with gold buttons on them. Of course you need a sweater to go over your shoulder as its windy on a boat. JCrew has you covered in this department with so many striped shirt options!

one,  two,  three,  four,   five,   six,  seven,  eight

Adidas Sambas

This shoe is everywhere! London, New York, all the cool girlies are wearing it. They released new designers with brighter fun colors. Colorful sneakers in general are such a vibe. OG Shoes

Statement Jewelry

I'm seeing so much more statement jewelry, a huge resurgence of bold costume jewelry. Pieces like chunky necklaces earrings and bangles. Add accessories to create that final finished look to an outfit. Think about them in threes: make sure you add three accessories to add that level of interest. 3-point rule.





Amazon Bottega dupes

Amazon hoops

Julie Vos necklace

Dean Davidson ring

Straw Hats

Brixton is one of my favorite brands. I have a couple hats from them. They come in different sizes which I really appreciate.



Panama on my wishlist

Straw Rancher

River this has been on my wishlist for a couple years

Raffia Bag

Loewe pochette bag and its dupe

Loewe basket bag and its dupe

Prada Crochet Bag + in color and their dupe 

Straw Beach Bag - I bought this

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