Quiet Luxury Belts That Look Expensive

The best quiet luxury belts are low key, elegant and don't have a flashy logo. I've curated a list of belts with old money vibes that will make any simple outfit a little bit more elevated. You've probably seen these belts on fashion girles but never realized what it was because these belts truly master the art of whispering luxury, so the untrained eye wouldn't know how expensive these belts are. These belts are unique and the epitome of quiet luxury and add so much versatility to your wardrobe. These belts are sleek, subtle, and giving if you know you know. 

Let me introduce you to the new It Girl belts for 2024 and at the bottom of these post I list cheaper, but expensive looking, alternatives. I posted another luxury belt post last year which I think the items are still on trend this year. A lot of people think a bag has to be your first designer item, but a belt can be as well which costs a lot less than a bag.


Khaite is a New York based quiet luxury brand founded in 2016. You will see a lot of celebrities wearing this brand. They are famous for their knitwear and belts. It's a brand that makes elevated basics with a very chic fit. The brand redefines luxury fashion. Pronounced Kate (KAYT), the name is inspired by the founder Catherine’s nickname Cate, and the Greek word Khaite (χαίτη), which means long flowing hair. A couple years ago everyone was raving about their cashmere cardigan which I bought a dupe of. Here are some belts on trend from Khaite that only if you know you know will recognize. Their belts  only go up to a size 90 which is a 35 inch waist size M/L.

Small Julius Belt also comes in silver

Benny Belt comes in a number of colors and has a brushed tip at the end of the belt.

Bambi Belt comes in a number of colors.




Loewe graphic belt


Saint Laurent Cintura Belt

Other Brands

By Malene Birger Ounlo leather belt

The Row established by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

B-Low The Belt


Madewell Chunky Metal Leather Belt comes in 5 colors

Express Triple Ring Buckle Belt comes in 2 colors

Anthropologie Structural Buckle Belt comes in 2 colors

Madewell Leather Western Belt comes in 2 colors

Madewell Puffed-Buckle Leather Belt comes in 3 colors

Ralph Lauren Turn-Lock Skinny Leather Belt

Pinko belt is not a dupe for anything but the buckle just looks expensive. However their largest size is L. One belt on their website has a XL but it's never been in stock so it's just for show. I emailed them to ask why they don't carry a full size range but they never responded. 

Loft Wide Waist Belt

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