Summer Bucketlist 2024

Be the main character of your summer!  Make a summer to do list and write down some things that you want to do this summer. If you don't write them down, it might not actually happen. You've been waiting all winter through the dreary weather for summer, and if you don't make a plan for summer, it will be gone in the blink of the eye! You don't want to end up spending your whole summer at home in the air conditioning! So create a list of all the fun things that you're so excited to do! You can also set a goal to focus on one thing this summer to make your weekends more interesting, maybe cocktail  making since drinks are so expensive out. Or set a summer reading challenge for yourself - 1 book per month or one chapter per day. Since Sex and the City is back on Netflix I want to watch the whole series so I set a goal to watch one 30 minute episode a day.

The reason summer doesn't hit the same as an adult than it does as a kid is because we stopped making these lists. Bucketlists are back, so use this as your sign to make a list on your phone's notes app. Tiktok has a bunch of adult summer bucketlist ideas since you can't find that on pinterest. Stop waiting to find a friend that will go with you, just go do it! Set a monthly solo date for yourself. Here are two of my previous summer bucket lists.

For your bucketlist you can add visiting the farmers market and eating more fruit. They have such fresh fruit, the strawberries just taste different! In the summer you could aim to embrace fruit as a bigger part of your diet as fruit is a staple of summer. I love making cucumber infused water! 

What I like to eat and drink in the summer

Cocktail making was my theme for 2020 since everything was closed and I missed my fancy drinks. So I learned how to make a Cucumber Martini and had it on repeat. This year I learned to make a French Blonde Cocktail which has some of the same ingredients and I love it! 

I keep a list of places that have been rated the best cocktails in my city so I'm putting it here so I finally make it out there: Green Zone, Maxwell Park, Medina, Mita, Morris Bar, and Zooz.

My favorite smoothie from South Block is the Super Green, I sub out the banana for sea moss. At home this summer I want to make my two favorite smoothies: glowing green smoothie and tropical mango smoothie

I make a lot of salads in the summer time so of course I'll be making my cilantro lime salad dressing. I also like to make popsicles from scratch, here are my popsicle recipes.

I also make a lot of tacos in the summer time. If you visit DC, make sure you go to Chaia tacos, I love their creamy kale and potato taco. For me a vegetarian taco has to have 5 elements to make it perfect:

1. Fresh corn tortilla, you should be able to smell it through the plastic bag, so not mission brand. When I was a child I used to go to the Children's Museum that made fresh corn tortillas from scratch so I still have a scent memory from that. 

2. Protein which can be refried beans or a sprinkle of black beans. 

3. Avocado, always top the tacos with fresh avocado.

4. A creamy sauce, you can't have a taco without a sauce.

5. A garnish on top for extra flavor, cilantro, chopped mango, etc.

These are my favorite two recipes I make on repeat. Make sure you have taco holders for serving. 

Portobello Fajita Tacos with Chipotle Pecan Pesto The chipotle pecan pesto is key to this recipe! 

Halloumi Tacos with Mango Salsa halloumi is cheapest at Trader Joes and is my favorite cheese! The mango adds such a nice tartness to it. I cook my cabbage. 

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