12 Fragrances to get Cozy with this Fall

With the cooler air, the leaves will be turning soon, we're drinking apple cider and eating pumpkin flavored everything. I'm excited for fall to drink hot chocolate, go apple picking, Halloween, Thanksgiving food, boot season and to sit by a cozy fireplace. This is the season that I keep my windows open at home for fresh breezes. So now that fall is here you can swap out your light summer scents and arrange your vanity with your warmer scents.  In the fall you want to opt for scents that are richer, spicy (cinnamon), creamy (vanilla), sultry amber,  woody and maybe even boozy. 

For me fragrance is about aligning my inner vibe so I'm projecting my aura outward. Whatever I want to feel, I pick a fragrance that amplifies that vibe for me. Your fragrance has to match your essence and style. It has to make your eyes sparkle and fit you. I'm too excited for fall because I'm ready to pull out the big guns and break out my fall fragrances! I'm all about to be smelling sexy and cozy. I can't wait!  Let's see what I got lined up for you because I'm loving this fall selection roundup of fragrances that capture the essence of sweater weather and evoke feelings of coziness with the notes of fall. 

10 Things To See in Cape Town

This was my second trip to South Africa, the first time was in high school with my mother and this time was a solo trip. Cape Town is located on the SW coast of South Africa, on a peninsula, and nicknamed the Mother City. It's located beneath Table Mountain and known for its beautiful harbor and beaches. I was terrified about safety before I left but was relaxed by the end of my trip so overall it was a positive experience. I had a guide that helped me feel safe and told me where to go. Don't wear a ton of jewelry, flash your iphone and walk around at night. Expect to eat a lot of passion fruit and guava and drink local wine.  The reason I was there was such a short time was because I was in transit to visit Namibia for 2 weeks. I definitely want to go back as Cape Town felt like the Los Angeles of South Africa in terms of size and everything being spread out, affluent neighborhoods with beautiful real estate, the abundance of  palm trees surrounded by the ocean. However Cape Town has a population of 3.5 million while Los Angeles' is 13.5 million.

Cool Girl Fall Fashion Trends 2023

Fall is my favorite season for fashion. The layering excites me because I can be creative with how I piece things together. But layering well takes planning if you want your transitional outfits to look effortless. I recommend taking the time to curate your personal style and to make sure your closet makes you feel inspired like you have lots of options. I've talked about on this blog about how important it is to have really high quality basics in your wardrobe. I really believe they are the foundations of any wardrobe, you can literally create any outfit and make it look chic and really put together if you have strong basics. I will list some key wardrobe staples for fall that you can wear year after year.  Adding accessories like jewelry are the finishing details that help to elevate an outfit so I've shared some trending earrings.  I'm also going to share what's on trend this season, how to add texture to create for an eye catching outfits, how to shop for jeans and blazers, and what colors to wear this season. You'll recognize the boots above from this post.

Silver on Trend


Metallics are back on trend and here's how you can wear them. This trend has been all over the fashion runways and is something really cool to try out in your wardrobe. You don't have to save your metallics for New Years Eve, you can wear them year round! I guarantee you if you get these metallic jeans you will stand out in a crowd. The best way to style metallic jeans is to dress them down with something casual like a white t-shirt or sweater to balance them out. The juxtaposition gives your outfit a lot of interest. Keep your metallics to one piece in an outfit. Metallic handbags are fun mirrored addition to any outfit and will be timeless. Metallic shoes can also go with any outfit and give it a touch of pop color. Silver earrings is the easiest way to incorporate this trend and bold earrings are on trend this season. 

Airport Travel Outfits

Here are my recommendations for chic airport outfits. When choosing what to wear when traveling I look for comfort, practicality and fashionable. Dressing nice and remaining comfortable isn't as difficult as it sounds. One rule I have about flying is to always have my body covered, I don't want my skin to touch the seat. They aren't cleaned often enough and I've heard horror stories of what people have had to sit on or force to miss their full flight. Thus, I always wear long sleeves and long pants, airplanes are freezing anyway and I need to stay warm. You want to wear comfortable clothes as you don't know how long you will be traveling for, if your plane is delayed and you just want to be comfy sitting in your seat. I never wear sandals, I always have socks just for the TSA because I'm not putting the same socks back inside my shoes after walking on the floor. You also have to think about using the lavatory on the plane, you don't want anything you're wearing to touch the unsanitary floor. Sandals invite liquids to splash on your feet. By the way did you know that you can keep your jewelry on when you go through TSA body scanner. Here are four chic airplane outfits.