Choosing Neutral Basics

We often overlook how important basic pieces are in our closet and what an integral role they play. Basics are the foundation of your wardrobe. You'll need basic tees to pair with all your colorful pieces yet people neglect having quality basics.  Your basics will stay for awhile so I do think it's important to invest a little bit more money in your basics so you really have those pieces that you will love to wear and are excited to wear; and the fit is impeccable and the quality is wonderful. I have been slowly changing the color palette of my wardrobe and acquiring some soft neutral colors like muted brown. Neutrals are timeless. A good white tee is a must have in your wardrobe. I like a high neckline with cap sleeves. Find a style that flatters you.  I can't stress how important this is for your overall wardrobe.
I know H&M sells $5 t-shirts but it's not the best quality fabric. It won't last a long time and won't fare well in the wash. So it will cost you more in the long run as you're spending more money constantly replacing those tees every year. The H&M Conscious collection is a bit more expensive but if you look at the fabric its's made with better quality material. In my post 5 Best T-Shirts for Women I shared a tee I liked from H&M's conscious collection.  I highly recommend sticking with higher quality fabrics and better made pieces. 

I've been interested in fashion my whole life, my mother loves to keep up with runway trends, and I always tried to make nice outfits, but I just never felt that I had my own personal style.  Last year I bought some padded shoulder clothing, which are still on trend this year, but I decided I wouldn't invest in that trend anymore. I only want timeless pieces. Fashion trends can be expensive to follow as it encourages you to buy more and it breeds overconsumption. Now when I spend money on something I want it to be something I can wear for years to come. 

In this strange year we really need to focus on our mental health and making us feel as good, as we can in every aspect of our lives. That feeling that you get from putting on an outfit that makes you feel good after your quarantine weight gain is something I really wanted to concentrate on. I also felt I was stuck in a style rut and I wanted to evolve and push myself to try new things in fashion so I look current and up to date. I had a closet overflowing, full of clothes but nothing to wear. I've been wearing the same few shirts for my zoom meetings. lol I did a lot of decluttering in my closet in May to make sure I was only keeping things that I truly love. I found a bunch more shirts shopping my closet that I can break into my work from home rotation. Putting effort into your closet helps you so you don't feel stressed to go into your closet; and can get dressed with confidence and ease. Neutral colors make you look put together, its easy to style and timeless.

Clothes are made to make you feel more happier and confident with yourself. I love to wear a ton of color, but for the summer I've decided that my clothing palette is going to be neutrals.  Neutral colors look classic and they ooze an air of elegance and ease. People have different definitions of what neutral colors are, it doesn't just have to be white, black and grey. My definition of neutrals are white, ivory, cream, beige, tan, taupe, mocha, chocolate, blush pink and mint. Choosing 6 colors each season will help you to define your style. Pale pink has always been a staple for me as it pairs well with my tan skin color. I have to be careful in what shades of beige I wear as from a distance it may not look like I'm not wearing clothes. lol 

I love a head to toe neutral look to elongate your body, like a monochromatic outfit. It's an easy way to look dressed up. Neutrals go with everything and are the foundation of a wardrobe as you can mix and match them with everything. An all neutral look is so chic and is a natural summery light look. I'm a big fan of tan and white together, it's so chic. Wearing all white looks also good on me as well. You don't have to wear all black to look slimmer, anything monochromatic will do that for you.

I tend to wear a lot of dresses and didn't have many basic tees. So I spent a lot of time trying to track down the perfect shirts that will be timeless wardrobe staples.  Those shirts were pricey for a basic tee but you can feel the difference in the fabric and the cut makes them all look amazing on me. 

The two white tees pictured above are from Ann Taylor and  MM.LaFleur.  Shoulder pads and statement sleeves are a big trend this summer. Ann Taylor's Cap Sleeve Pima Cotton Tee which is 100% cotton but feels silky soft. It's absolutely gorgeous! This shirt is a must buy! MM's shirt was love at first fitting! I couldn't believe how incredible the cut was on me! I love the cap sleeve.  The fabric is made of super-soft, hand-picked Peruvian Pima cotton. They recommend sizing up as it will shrink after the first wash. The ivory color isn't white, but there's also two beautiful shades of pink. I want to get this in every color. 

The two brown tees pictured above are from Madewell and Massimo Dutti.  Linen is a must wear cool fabric in the summertime. The dark brown shirt  is 100% linen and comes in three colors. It's sustainably grown and is hand wash. The light brown shirt is a soft and drapey linen blend with post-consumer recycled poly. It also has a subtle cap sleeve. I recommend sizing down on it. Earthy tones for summer feel beachy, carefree and have that understated elegance. 

These quality pieces look amazing on me and will last a long time. It may seem crazy to spend $55 on a t-shirt, but you can see the difference in quality. They can make a huge difference to the overall look of your outfit. It's better to have one nice quality cotton shirt than a bunch of polyester pieces. Also cotton is less likely to show a sweat stain than a polyester shirt. Invest in linen and crisp organic cotton, sticking to the highest quality you can afford. H&M conscious collection is a good buy. Focus on quality instead of quantity and your outfits will always feel effortless and elevated. 

When you feel good on the outside, it really reflects how you feel on the inside. No matter what your style is, when you look good you feel good. When you're dressed well your posture all of a sudden gets better and you walk a little taller. You will feel better about yourself and have more confidence when you look your best. Invest in quality neutral basics. 

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