Spring Cleaning

Even though I have worked from home for a year now, being home more did not equate to a more organized home. I think because I only had a few visitors and those were close people I didn't feel the need to have a perfect looking home for. This Spring I'm feeling more energized to do some home projects. At the beginning of quarantine I rearranged my living room furniture so I could do zoom zumba classes 3x a week and then my dining table became my office. I really want to tidy up those spaces. My biggest project that I've put off for years is reorganizing my closet. I'm starting with reducing the amount of clothes I own. 

In the height of the pandemic thredUP stopped sending out clean out bags which is how I've always emptied my closet. ThredUP is an online consignment store that mails you a donation bag that you fill up with clothes. It has a pre-paid printed FedEx label on it. So I did a major drop off at my local Goodwill and I guess everyone had the same idea because they had huge bins outside for everyone to drop off. Their business was booming! thredUP is now sending out clean out bags again. Vintage fashion is the hottest trend, you can find vintage designer bags on the resell market as their pricing is cheaper and sustainability we're all being more aware of our carbon footprint. 

In this post, I explained how you can easily donate your old jeans and sneakers by mail for free. Six years ago I read Marie Kondo's books and used her tips here and here.  The most important principle of the book is that you must purge before your organize. Last year I read The Home Edit's book which you might have seen their show on netflix which is what lead me to buying containers to organize my freezer.

I started off by getting rid of extra linens. I pared down my bed linens to two sets and went through my towel stash and donated the extras to a local animal shelter.  I went through my water bottle collection and boy to I have a whole collection of different types. When my mother said she was looking for a water bottle since she is always buying one use water bottles I realized I had a whole stock pile that I could present to her as a shop. lol Every item that sits unused in your house, in addition to eating into your space, is something that someone else is  able to use. Pass them on. 

I've been cleaning the top of dressers and nightstands. Not just dusting but clearing everything off of it. I've been emptying junk kitchen cabinets and reorganizing them. And I had my vents and ducts professionally cleaned. 

I wanted to share my favorite cleaning supplies. I could never get the grout around my kitchen floor tiles as clean as I would have liked. I even bought a Bissell Steam Mop but didn't see a difference. It wasn't until I bought this Grout Cleaner with these Tile Brushes and got on my knees and scrubbed like crazy did the grout look perfect. Then I dried the floor with these reusable Nano Towels.  I can't praise these products enough!

I also really like this Dusting Glove , organic Drain Care and Oven Cleaner.

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