Butter Yellow is the Color of Spring

The color of the season is butter yellow in terms of color trends for spring. It's a nice color for this season and I'm seeing more items than usual in this color in stores since it's on trend. If you think you can't wear it, I got lots of inspiration for you so you don't look like Big Bird.  Yellow symbolizes optimism, energy, joy, and happiness. It is also the color of sunshine. I have always loved a butter yellow but it's hard to find just the right shade. I bought every item on the top list so I can tell you what is worth buying and what is not! Because when you look at clothes online you don't know if the shirt will be sheer, or if the fabric scratchy, or if the color different in person. I was in the market for a light yellow top so I'm going to take you on my journey with me as I'm happy to add butter yellow to my spring wardrobe. 

Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report: New York Fashion Week Spring 2024

Lemon Drop was one of the standout colors they saw fashion designers have on the runways. I like a soft yellow as I'm not into brighter, deeper, warmer shades of yellow so this was perfect for me to embrace.

I've talked about my seasonal color analysis on this blog and my skin coloring is classified as a winter. These are the best yellows on me, they are all cool toned, clear and bright. Everyone can wear yellow, you just have to know which shades are best for you.

She is wearing a knitted set: skirt

Glamnetic Press-On Nail Kit I bought these nails as I've been wearing yellow nail polish for 10 years now. I also want to try lemon nail art.

 I got so many compliments on this! 

 my hand in Essie

nailart by Caroline


Madewell Tank in sundried wheat

This was 10 shades darker than the photo. What I didn't notice is see how on the model the tank is cut in around her arm pits, well I noticed it when I wore it. 

This is my picture below of the Madewell tank on the left and the H&M tank on the right. The Madewell tank is a bit darker than photographed, its so hard to get the right color in my amateur photography without professional lighting. 

The Gap

Linen Boyfriend Shirt

The reviews say the sleeves are too tight, my shirt arrived with the sleeves already rolled up. I found that weird like someone already wore it? Anyway the wrist portion rolled up was too tight but I don't want to unroll it because it's perfectly done and stays put. The rest of the sleeve feels fine on my arms. The shirt is little darker than expected and I would describe it as a buttercup yellow.

(actual color)

A tad sheer but I like it.  

Here are my comparison photos between the Gap linen shirt on the left and the H&M linen shirt on the right. Pick your favorite hue of yellow.


I hate going to the H&M store because it's hard to find anything, there's much bigger stock online and since it's free shipping its just easier to try on at home and return to the store. Sometimes I even buy 2 sizes if I'm not sure. The shirts were three completely different shades of light yellow. By the way I also picked up a dupe for the Loewe pochette raffia bag that I've been wanting for a couple years now! It's already sold out. Keep an eye out on their bag section. They also have a dupe for the Hermes Oran sandals.

This is a beautiful wheat, pale yellow. I liked this color much better than the Gap linen shirt.

Cotton T-shirt beautiful butter yellow but a tad sheer and fabric not soft. Neckline didn't feel as wide as it does in the photo.

Silk-blend T-shirt almost looks neon leaning a tad green, did not like the color. Shirt is very thin.
Ribbed Tank Top beautiful wheat yellow but the fabric bunches weirdly at the top of my chest. That may be because I always size up in my H&M tanks as I don't want the body to be too tight. So I exchanged for a smaller size.

Ann Taylor

These two pieces were a little darker in person so a more medium shade of yellow. They also have some pleated shorts that look interesting.

Linen Blend Boatneck Tee This shirt is sheer and since the collar is double ply fabric it makes it glaring obvious that the rest of the shirt is sheer. This feels like stiff linen. 

Flutter Sleeve Pima Cotton Top You want to size up on this but I felt they ironed the shirt to make it look more luxe than it was.


Extended Shoulder T-Shirt This doesn't look like anything but its a good basic tee that needs an iron.

If you feel butter yellow washes you out, wear it on your bottom half instead of close to your face. These Linen Pleated Shorts would be a good option for you. 

LL Bean

Pima Cotton V-Neck I'm waiting for this to go on sale but typically their shirts are very thick thus opaque.

Accessories can give you a pop of color to elevate and enhance your outfits if you're not comfortable wearing yellow clothing. Imagine an all black outfit or a lilac one, or a white t-shirt and jeans and adding a yellow bag or shoe to it. It's easier to wear a bold color when its not next to your face.


Bottega - I LOVE the handle!!! (dupe)


Adidas Sambas have been the It Girl shoe for a year now. They have a light version that is actually in stock. 

Sam Edelman Faye Slingback so not exactly light yellow but what a pretty shoe with the sheer flower and feather interest.


Loft Blazer in rayon

Cos Clean Cut T-Shirt (I have this in white)

Abercrombie Sloan Tailored Pant I'm eyeing this in white

Anthropologie makes the Somerset Maxi Dress every year in different colors and fabrics. It's their most popular dress!  I have it in two colors because I love the cut, it's so flattering.


La Manso rings A Barcelona based brand of funky, upcycled plastic rings. Bella Hadid wears these all the time. I think they are a cute, throw back to bubble gum machine to 90s girl fun vibes. The plastic rings are super eye catching and a reminder to not take life seriously. 

Beaded necklace I made a white one like this. 
 Meghan Markle

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