Effortless Spring Style

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Spring feels like a fresh start and reset, especially when you declutter your closet. I'm sharing what is trending for fashion this year that you'll need in your spring closet to update your style to be more modern. Being truly stylish is having that closet where you always feel like you made an effort for any occasion. I want to look cute for me, because when I feel like I look horrible, then I feel terrible, and my energy drops. Here are some ways to look more fashion forward while refreshing your closet.  I like to look like a woman who has an effortless look without displaying designer logos. If you want to elevate your style and look on trend, here are some tips for a minimal, classic, chic style. 

Quality Basics

I can not emphasis enough how important it is to have really high quality basics in your closet. I really believe they are the foundations of any closet. You can literally create any outfit and make it look chic and really put together if you have strong basics. I wrote a whole post on choosing neutral basics such as foundational pieces as high quality t-shirts and pants that you can mix and match in so many different ways to create classic timeless looks that will look amazing even if you look back at them years down the road. Basics should make up at least 70% of your closet so keep your focus on buying good basics so the core of your closet can cohesively work together. 

For a good quality white t-shirt I like Universal Standard  which is silky soft with a tulip hem which means its curved at the bottom, not cut straight across.  I ranked my favorite V neck white tee in this post.

Be generous with sizing 

Don’t obsess over size on clothing as they’re not important, what matters is how something looks, fits and feels on you. Buying one size larger gives you a luxe look because it has to do with the extra fabric and pieces not clinging to you and having more movement. When buying white jeans, it's recommended to buy a size larger so every bump and lump doesn't show. No one can see your jean size. 

Wear a monochrome outfit 

Dress top to toe in one color, any color, and it always creates an elevated outfit.  Monochromatic looks help to not break up the body and elongate and lengthen the body. A head to toe neutral look is such an easy way to look chic as it gives your outfits a very polished look and feel. It also creates for a cohesive look that always looks sharp. If you want to create a neutral outfit, start with white jeans, then add in a few different neutral shades in the white color palette to give the outfit some depth, so think of  tones like taupe, light beige, ecru, ivory, and champagne. Mixing different whites together creates for such a  luxurious tonal look. Spend time picking the right denim, I recently ordered 10 pairs of white jeans from different online stores to find the right leg silhouette that I wanted. Denim makes an incredible foundation piece so you want to take some time to find the perfect fit. 

In spring I love to wear white jeans and recently bought some straight leg pants to replace my skinny leg jeans (which are now out of style). Skinny jeans actually make your thighs look bigger than they are so look for some straight leg, flare leg or bootcut jeans. A bootcut flare balances out your shoulders and waistline.  These are all items I own and recommend and as you can see I really have been into the colors taupe and ivory lately.  

Classic straight jean

High Rise White Jean

Kick Out Crop Jeans

The Perfect High Quality White Tee

Alpaca Crew

Slip Skirt

Maxi Satin Skirt

Wishlist item:

Mohair Cardigan



Tucking in your shirts and sweaters gives you more shape and will always be more flattering than covering up with oversized flowy garments. Long tunics are out! When you tuck your sweater in it makes your legs look longer and you look taller. It doesn't matter what size you are, everyone looks better with a tuck. Also, when you wear a long sleeve shirt or sweater, push up the sleeve a little bit. For a blazer you can hold the sleeves up with a hair tie, do not roll up the sleeves as that look is out of style. Showing skin on your arms elongates your body and creates more of a fitted look. These small touches make your outfit look a little bit more special and thought out.


This finishing touch transforms an outfit and takes it up a notch to look more polished and chic. Swap out the fabric belt that comes with dresses for a real belt. I built up a closet full of belts before I even had outfits to go with them and overtime found this made it easy to then build an outfit as I already had a selection of belts to choose from. I love my belts from Sezane! Especially the Artemis style, with its beautiful hardware, which they constantly release in new colors. You'll need a black, brown, white and gold belt. I wear a purple belt with my all white outfits. The GG gucci belt is no longer on trend. The secret to great style  is a whisper, not a (flashy logo) shout!  Belts give you the ability to pull looks together, expanding my belt collection is another way to expand the ways that I can style outfits.


Scarves adds that extra something to your outfit like you put more effort into it. Playing with silk scarves is perfect for spring in your hair, around your neck, as a belt or on your purse handle. It  adds that wow piece,  that something extra that is special that can take an outfit from drab to fab.




A sweater over your shoulders creates a whole new look that is more polished and interesting and adds dimension. The breton striped sweater will never ever go out of style, its a very chic way of elevating a simple outfit. I wear strips the entire year, I absolutely love it! 

A Signature Makeup Look

A little makeup has the power to make you feel good, and makes you feel put together and levels up your outfits. The final piece of adding some lipstick just makes you look a bit more polished. Don’t overlook the power of adding that final piece and wear some minimal makeup. The Sephora sale is starting April 1 and I plan on getting the MVP red lipstick Rihanna wore at the Superbowl. 

Jewelry - the little details matter 

Adding accessories like jewelry and sunglasses are finishing details that help to elevate an outfit. You can change your look with a good pair of sunglasses. Aviators are always a classic, but I also love these sunglasses which I got in two colors. Dainty necklaces and short pendants are on trend. I bought this Juno pendant and Evil Eye necklace.  Initial necklaces are also popular. I love a simple black square necklace. 

Balance your proportions 

Create balance in your proportions by pairing tight fitting tops with looser fitting bottoms. Conversely, when you wear a flowy top pair it with a slimmer fit on bottom. This creates more balance in your outfit vs wearing a fitted t-shirt with skinny legs looks more dated.  For instance a puffed shoulder/sleeve tops balance out your hips and give you more of an hourglass shape. Loosely, tailored, balanced looks are classy, modest and elegant. Contrast dressing of mixing tight and loose pieces and will add interest to your look. The all-tight look (fitted sweater with skinny jeans) looks a bit dated now.         

Tailored pants

A spring essential is a high waisted pair of pants with a wider leg to give you that really flowy feel. The reintroduction of 90s minimalism i.e. tailored pants continue to be on trend this year and look sophisticated and effortless and make you look so put together. They elevate an outfit to another level when you’re not in the mood for denim. I used to be a huge dress gal but now I love wearing pants because they are so versatile, you can dress them up or down, they are such a staple in my closet because of their crisp, timeless, classic look. Note both pictures are examples of balancing your proportions with having a fitted top and looser bottom. A tailored pant have a loose fit so they are a great alternative to tight jeans so they are comfier. In the past 3 years I've expanded my tailored pants collection and taking them all to the tailor to shorten. 

Linen wide leg (everyone is wearing these on tiktok)

city crepe

the famous effortless pant

in Ecru color



White Sneaker

Shoes are everything when it comes to elevating an outfit, they are the foundation of an outfit.  We don’t invest in updating our footwear which is absolutely everything when it comes to finishing off an outfit. I love adding some trendier footwear to my classic wardrobe, it updates a look instantly. A chic white sneaker goes with so many outfits. Its a super versatile as you can wear it with flowy dresses or jeans. The saying goes that you should pay the most attention and  money into your handbag, shoes, and jewelry. And if you do that, you instantly elevate the look of an inexpensive classic outfit. The trend is to also tuck your laces inside your shoe. 

Gold detail (I wore these until I wore them out)

Low Top Sneaker

Platform sneaker

Aussie brand with a cork insole

European brand that are wide in the toe box  but standard in the heel for bunion suffers 

Wear a pointy toe shoe

You can have the exact same outfit and look completely different by changing up your shoes. For flats, loafers and boots, the pointy shape is on trend. It automatically transforms the outfit and creates an illusion of a longer leg. Choose skin tone flats so they won’t break up your body as a black shoe visually creates a stop to the length of your leg.  When you expand your shoe options,  you're going to give yourself so many different styling options. So get yourself a chic black pointed bootie! 


On the fashion runways and on tiktok I've been seeing a lot of silver denim statement pants.  H&M, Zara and Express had them earlier this year but they are sold out now. If you're not comfortable to go all out in a tin foil vibe get yourself a pair of silver boots. This is a trend I've been wanting to get on since last year!

The beauty of them is that they go with anything and everything and are easy to incorporate into outfits. We normally reserve shiny things for special occasions or cocktail parties but I wore my metallic pants to buy groceries on a Saturday morning.  You can pair metallic with a basic outfit to elevate it to make it look like a cool outfit .Metallic is a big trend this year that has really taken off.

Faux-Leather Jeans (I bought these and love them! I wore them to a birthday party and a year later when I went to the same gal's party all her friends said they remembered my pants from the year before)

Metallic Faux Leather Pants

Metallic Pant

Metallic Jean

Metallic Pant

metallic bag


Fragrance is the finishing touch to any outfit. Here are my recommendations for what perfumes to wear in spring. You automatically look good when you smell good. These perfumes will have you smelling like the spring flowers in bloom right now. I think fragrances are a great way to leave a lasting impression.

"Perfume is a mark of female identity and the final touch of her style." - Christian Dior

"Perfume is the invisible unforgettable, fashion accessory that announces your arrival and prolongs your departure." - Coco Chanel 

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