6 Canned Mocktails You Need to Try

Over the last few years I've tried many different alcohol alternatives during Dry January and have created a roundup of my favorites! You can enjoy a drink minus the buzz on weeknights with these delicious drinks. I recommend keeping them on hand to have better options for your dinner guests who don't drink alcohol. I serve these in fun cocktail glasses to make the drink festive. I promise you won't miss the booze with these! 


Lyre makes over 20 different non-alcoholic drinks that mimic spirits  My favorite is the Classico which tastes like a sweet prosecco with notes of green apple, pear, and peach. One 8oz can is 45 calories and 10g of sugar.

Mocktail Club 

A Black owned brand that is sold at  mid-Atlantic Whole Foods, directly online from them or on amazon at a little higher price. They sell four flavored beverages that are full of superfruits and prebiotics. My favorite flavor is the Havana Twist which is a refreshing mix of cucumber, mint, lime with a touch of cardamom and cloves.  One 12oz can is 80 calories and 16g of sugar but honestly it makes 2 servings and sweetened with agave and monkfruit. 


Canned sodas that support gut health with probiotics so the cans are sold refrigerated.  They copy all the major soda flavors: Sprite, cream soda, root beer, Dr. Pepper, cherry cola, and then have a bunch of fruity flavors like the tropical punch which is a mix of pineapple, passion fruit, mandarin, and apple juices (nothing like Hawaiian Punch). One 12oz can is 50 calories, 4g of sugar and sweetened with stevia.


The cheapest one on this list at $2 a bottle and free shipping from their website.  My favorite flavor was the Grapefruit Rosemary that tasted like a Paloma without the tequila. The rosemary gives it an interesting texture so you're not just drinking grapefruit juice. The ingredients are carbonated water, juice, agave, and herbs. I put a drop of stevia in this. One 8oz can is 25 calories with 12g of sugar.  


a Danish brand, makes premade alcohol free ready to drink cocktails in a can. The Spritz flavor was so delicious!  Made from natural ingredients such as orange, lemon,  quassia, cinnamon and gentian root. It has a complex bitterness plus a little of that sweetness found in a traditional aperol spritz. One 8oz can is 30 calories and 7g sugar.

De La Calle

Tepache is a  Mexican fermented beverage made from the peel and the rind of pineapples, sweetened with sugar and fermented for several days. The brand makes 8 tepache drinks and my favorite flavor is the grapefruit lime flavor which mimics a paloma. I want to try the prickly pear flavor but can never find it. You can buy this at Whole Foods, Foxtrot or Target.  One 12oz can is 40 calories, 5g of sugar and is sweetened with erythritol.

GTS Kombucha

Honorable mention to this glass bottle kombucha, the Sacred Life flavor tastes like a Blue Hawaiian cocktail. Alcohol is a natural byproduct of fermentation so this has less than 1% of alcohol but you don't taste or feel it at all. One 16oz bottle is 60 calories and 16g of sugar, but the bottle is 2 servings to me.  Sugar is used during the fermentation process of kombucha and then kiwi juice is added to make it sweet, but no added sugar is added to the beverage. 

They make a dual fermentation line which naturally has  a higher alcohol level of 3%. I used to like the rosé flavor but that got discontinued and now they have a Chardonnay flavor which I have been on the lookout for. They are sold at all major grocery stores. I wrote a whole post explaining what Kombucha is. 

Numbers wise,  Olipop, de la Calle and SpritISH have the lowest sugar content. While Unspiked, SpritzISH and de la Calle have the lowest calories. GTS I always split into 2 servings, the bottle still tastes the same the next day so don't worry about losing bubbles. Do I have a #1 pick? It's hard to say, these are all my favorites as I've tried many other brands that didn't make this list. You can see my other reviews of ones who didn't make the cut on the linked posts below. But we all have different taste buds and  I like my drinks sweet.

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