How My Dry January Went

Dry January is more and more popular these days! Dry January is good for social drinkers to create new habits. I found a ton of non-alcoholic alternatives to drink last month and want to share my discoveries in this post. Last month I felt I could take booze or leave it, I didn't think about it at all.  Turning down alcohol in social settings was empowering, I celebrated both my birthday and company holiday party during this month. Taking a 30-day break from alcohol, such as during Dry January can create a bunch of benefits, including developing a more mindful relationship with alcohol. Even though people say they lose weight by not drinking, I did not. Some people say they get better sleep during Dry January because while alcohol makes you sleepy, it interrupts your sleep cycle so you don't get a good nights sleep and will possibly wake up in the middle of the night. Another benefit is you may feel less anxious and handle stress better. Excessive alcohol consumption causes gut microbiome imbalance and impairs your immune system and ability to recover from illnesses. Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin so abstaining from alcohol may give you clearer and less red skin. Hence it's key to do this for a consecutive 30 days to get the full benefits.

Figlia $43 for 750ml
The glass bottle and cans are the same product except the cans are made with carbonated water and the bottle version is made with still water and somehow it creates a different taste. I liked the bottle but don't like the cans. But when you do the math, they don't cost the same, the bottle costs a bit more per ounce. The can tastes watered down to me. The price for the bottle which I already thought was pricey has gone up this year to $43, for fruit juice made from White Grape Juice, Ginger Juice, Lemon Juice,  Elderflower, Black Currant Juice. I like the product but not the price. 

They sell over 20 different non-alcoholic drinks that mimic spirits. So if you want something that mimics a Dark and Stormy or Absinthe or tequila, they have you covered! I went in depth in this post reviewing Aperol Spritz mocktails and Lyre makes both the Aperol spirit in a bottle or a mixed drink in a can. This time I tried the canned version and it was a ready to go Aperol spritz that tastes just like the real thing! I also enjoyed their classico which tastes like a sweet sparkling wine, not sparkling apple juice. I purchased a case of 24 and  would definitely repurchase! 

Avec Drinks Didn't care for any of the three I tried. I got the Yuzu & Lime and the Hibiscus and Pomegranate but they just weren't sweet enough for me. I also got the Spiced Mango and Passionfruit which is super spicy. 

I purchased a tasting set of 2 white and 2 reds. Afterwards got multiple emails asking me to review it, so here goes.
Crisp Zesty White
Almost tastes like white wine but has a vinegar twang to it
Light and Refreshing Rose
Too dry for me
Rich and spicy red
A light red that tastes like balsamic vinegar
Tart & Juicy red
Smells sour, like mildew laundry, tastes flat and undrinkable, I had to throw out the bottle 


De Soi

Is a range of non-alcoholic apƩritifs made with natural adaptogens created by Katy Perry in 2022. Ground shipping took 9 days. The cans are only 8oz, any other canned beverage including Recess is 12 oz. The tiny can says that one can has 1.5 servings so they can show a lower calorie count. lol Anyway a whole can is 50 calories. The cost is $25 for either a 4 pack of cans or a bottle. Each has their volume listed in a different measurement so I did the math and discovered you get more for your money in the cans. Shouldn't they be equal?

Tea is an ingredient in all of the beverages and here is what they say about it: "De Soi products contain green tea extract that leaves trace amounts of naturally occurring caffeine. However, the amount is minimal and the beverage has generally calming properties. De Soi products are made to help consumers unwind." There are three flavors: 

Champignon Dreams - ingredients: Apricot-Strawberry-Black Currant and Grapefruit Juice, Tea, Sherry Vinegar, Reishi Mushroom.  It tastes like sparkling beet juice, did not like.

Golden Hour -  ingredients: Pear Juice, Yuzu Juice, Tea,  Maple Syrup, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Maca Powder Extract, Elderflower Extract. It tastes like a refreshing sparkling lemon drink with a hint of ginger. It's pretty good.
Purple Lune- ingredients: Peach-Blackberry-Black Currant and Tart Cherry Juice, Date Syrup, Rose Petal Extract, Balsamic Vinegar, Tea, Ashwagandha Extract,  Rose Extract.

This tastes ok but also pretty generic. I've had a GTS kombucha in the rose flavor that tasted pretty similar but costs a lot less.


Healthier Together: 

I list more podcasts episodes in last year's Dry January post.  After purchasing my peloton, I've done a lot less walking outside which also means less podcast listening. I do try to listen when I cook but can't get a whole episode in in one sitting. 


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