Red Booties for Fall


Who says sweatpants have to be boring and grey? I want to share some stylish loungewear I like. I have the top three items as I love GAP's Crewneck T-shirt!! I bought a few some years ago and they've held up really well so I picked up a couple new colors this year. See a theme here with my color palette? I love purple! These shirts are so soft and perfect to sleep in or lounge in at home. And they're only $15! Best of all Gap is having a 40% off everything sale with the promo code HAPPY.

I also got some joggers from the GAP which are made of a super soft fabric which are definitely very comfy and stylish to lounge in. I like to look put together even when I'm netflix and chill and home, so I'm dressed nice enough in case I have a pop in from a neighbor or friend.

Stylish Walking Shoes

Here's my pick of the most stylish shoes for your commute. If you either walk to work or take a walk during your lunch break, I think you'll like my sneaker style crush list. My absolute favorite on the list, is the Michael Kors Allie sneaker (left). It was love at first site when I saw it! The shoe is made of different fabric textures, charcoal flannel, shiny and metallic. I've never had a black sneaker before, but these would go great with my black slacks. The shoe also comes in a navy velvet (pictured above). Millennial pink workout clothes were a big trend this summer, now rose gold is on the scene for winter. Muted purples are popular as well as dark burgundy.

What to Buy at the Sephora Sale

It's the time of year when the entire store goes 20% off for VIB Members! That's if you spent a minimum of $350 at Sephora in the past year. The sale is from Nov 10 - 15. If you're a VIB member, you can use the code "20FORVIB" for 20 percent off. I wanted to help you get your cart ready now so you can place your order quickly before things sell out.  First check the sale section as that will be an additional 20% off sale prices! Sephora has a lot of holiday gift sets which are a great way to try a brand by buying a set of samples sized products. During the sale I always buy the higher priced items on my wishlist that I was hesitant to splurge on before. It was fun to look at what I had on my wishlist last year as I've bought everything except the first two items.

8 Best Nail Polish Colors for Fall

Fall is all about wearing deeper colors on your nails. My favorite brand of nail polish is Zoya because its toxic free and they always have deals. Burnt orange is my absolute favorite color to wear in the fall! Here are my top three oranges:

Zoya Autumn is a dark orange/reddish sparkly color.

Zoya Austine is a gold metallic frost with fine silver shimmer. It's the perfect penny color!

 Nadia is a sparkling, gingery gold metallic

For a purple I recommend Isadora, a rich, shimmery plum.

Or Jana which is a lilac grey.

For a rich medium red, I recommend Rekha.
If you're looking for the perfect dark navy blue I recommend either Sailor or Ryan. Both are opaque colors and Sailor is a bit lighter than Ryan.

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