My Favorite At Home Workouts

Now that gyms are closed, I've gotten back into working out at home.  Since I'm teleworking I have more time to workout. I find that working out puts me in a better mood as exercise helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Movement is key to keeping you energized. I've been planning my workouts for the week and writing them in my planner. My workout routine has been to get up early and get a strength training workout in before I start work. I find that working out in the morning is the best time to exercise. I have no distractions and just get it out of the way. Lack of time was why you didn't exercise right? Well now you're home. Then do a live streaming zumba workout at lunchtime. I'm not getting the number of steps in that I used to in a day so I think adding a fun dance workout helps with that. You have an incredible opportunity to better yourself because now you have the time. You can come out of this the best you've ever been! This is your time to start a routine of healthy habits.