Vision Board

Have you set goals for yourself? This was my vision board last year and I achieved all of my goals except finishing my cookbook. 

Sports Bra Makeover

These are the three workout bras I have and swear by. They're a little pricey but I have no bounce with the two on the right, so need to double up on your bras. With lululemon they keep the same style but change the colors available every 2 months. All of these have cups inside, not for padding, but to avoid headlights and are made of moisture wicking fabric.

From left to right:

Flow Y Bra IV |  lululemon medium support for C cup, thin straps are great for those cute workout tops

Va Va Sport Bra | Athleta high support for C cups

Ta Ta Tamer III | lululemon high support for C cups

I've you're larger than a C, I've heard rave reviews about Enell sports bras.

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is from a Valentine's brunch I hosted last year the weekend before Valentine's Day for my girlfriends. My favorite thing was the heart shaped macaroons.