Luxury Handbags for Less

photo credit: IG Polene_Paris

I wanted to share some gorgeous handbags by lesser known brands that are absolutely stunning! The craftsmanship and design of these bags are so gorgeous!  Not everyone can afford a Chanel or a YSL bag, so I have a list of unique bags that really stand out. If you want a bag that everyone looks at and admires the unique cut, design, lines and color, I got you covered! 

Which Brand Makes the Best Pajamas?

I love beautiful sleepwear! When I get ready for bed my pajamas make me feel happy.  I like to look presentable always, at home in my loungewear and pajamas; when I travel; and when I go to the gym. At this point we're staying home longer these days, so it's a good idea to invest in chic home clothes so level-up your pajamas. I don't know who came up with the idea to wear your most ragged clothes at home? My motto is: aim to look good all the time - then it becomes an expectation for the way you want to live. That means having nice loungewear for at home, nice pajama sets, and not walking your dog in your pajamas. I've created lots of fashion posts for what to wear in public but what about at home? I love to wear pajama sets because I can always be sure it looks presentable. It's fun to update your sleepwear so I want to share some great choices for you!

My Favorite Sunscreen: Supergoop

If you want to avoid having to get botox, always put on the SPF to prevent sun damage. I've religiously worn sunblock daily since college. I'm not the best at wearing hats since most hats feel tight on my head so I have to be diligent about my SPF. When I was a teen I was all about the 8 SPF from Hawaiian Tropic but now I'm grownup and using 40+ SPF. When you have melatonin rich skin you need a sunscreen that is brown skin friendly and will not leave a white cast on your skin.  I tried Coola sunscreen on my face but it left a white cast.  I used to use Neutrogena for my body but they just recalled it, but you can get your money back from filling out a form on their website. My favorite brand is Supergoop  for my face for a few years now. They are a bit pricey but they have a sale twice a year on their website or you can get it at Sephora when they have their twice a year sale. Or you can use your FSA dollars and buy supergoop from the Fsastore.