Which Brand Makes the Best Pajamas?

I love beautiful sleepwear! When I get ready for bed my pajamas make me feel happy.  I like to look presentable always, at home in my loungewear and pajamas; when I travel; and when I go to the gym. At this point we're staying home longer these days, so it's a good idea to invest in chic home clothes so level-up your pajamas. I don't know who came up with the idea to wear your most ragged clothes at home? My motto is: aim to look good all the time - then it becomes an expectation for the way you want to live. That means having nice loungewear for at home, nice pajama sets, and not walking your dog in your pajamas. I've created lots of fashion posts for what to wear in public but what about at home? I love to wear pajama sets because I can always be sure it looks presentable. It's fun to update your sleepwear so I want to share some great choices for you!

Throw out everything you wear at home that has holes, that's worn out, the colors are faded, or has cartoon characters on it. What if you have an emergency at night and need to run outside because of a fire alarm? What if you're staying as a guest in someone else's house, it's important to have presentable sleepwear.  When you have nice pajamas you feel good about how you look at home.

If you are trying to look presentable always, it's important to keep it consistence and authentic so it becomes a way of life for you. You're not doing it to impress other people, you dress presentable because it conveys respect to yourself. If you're dressing up in public why would you come home and change into raggedy clothes? There's a disconnect. Get used to wearing your best pajamas on a regular basis. Even if you live alone, it's important to look presentable because what you do at home, its easy then to also do outside. It will just naturally be who you are. Not only looking presentable during the day but also at night even if you live alone. I think its important to wear presentable sleepwear. It just feels nice to slip into bed wearing pretty pajamas.

Sleepwear does matter. I have taken it seriously my entire adult life and something I have always invested in and really make it a priority. When I had my first job in high school I spent all my money at Victoria's Secret. I bought flannel pajamas and 5 pairs of satin pajamas which I took to college and still wear to this day. They're good quality, pretty fabrics and lasted a long time. In the past few years I have been decluttering my sleepwear and getting rid of the pieces that don't work anymore because they're really old. After one too many washes the seams are breaking and not because of my body's size. Funny enough the pajamas have always fit me over the years, only when I lost weight did I bring one pair to a tailor to make smaller. Did you know that the word Pajama, originates from two Persian words - pāy (leg) + jāma (garment)?

I'm a PJ set kind of gal, with long pants in the summer and shorts in the summer. I hate it when the set is sold separately. It's important to pick good fabrics that are good for sleeping. I saw a funny Tiktok that gave the tip to wear black pajamas to bed so you can go straight to work from home just throwing on a cardigan that you keep on your chair. lol

My pajamas are all very feminine and comfy. I have a lot of purple pajamas since my bedroom is painted the darkest shade of purple. Here are some wonderful styles for all season. I recommend ordering a size up so they are always comfortable. Laundering can sometimes shrink items.

Cozy Earth 

Currently on sale, returns and exchanges are very easily done, I know because I had to go up a size. I got the Short Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set in the blush color. Made from stretch-knit viscose from bamboo-based fabric which is incredibly soft. Bamboo fabric is great for summer because of its  breathability, temperature regulation, moisture-wicking properties.

Kai Collective - a Black owned, small business, British based. Since I know I wear my pajamas for decades, I didn't mind spending more on this than I normally would a pair of pajamas. These are my new satin pajamas. They are also come in orange and long pants

Nordstrom Pajamas

Currently on sale, mine are in purple. Has pretty contrast piping and made from 95% modal and 5% spandex.

Soma I felt I didn't have any cotton pajamas in my collection so a couple of years ago I bought a pair of Soma's pajamas from their cool cotton collection. They are "cool" but not as soft as my satin and bamboo pajamas. When they first arrived they felt like a stiff button down shirt but after some washes have relaxed a bit. Ultimately I'm not a fan of cotton pajamas so much because it easily looks washed out and not so chic. Viscose and modal are more breathable and sweat wicking than cotton. 

In the wintertime I like the warmest, thickest flannel pajamas. I bought some pretty patterns from PJ Salvage , Bedhead PJs and The Cats PJs.

One brand on my must list to try is Nightire. They make sweat-wicking bamboo fabric in the prettiest designs.

Remember Claire on House of Cards? She always worn silk La Perla silk pajamas. I was thinking about trying out Skims silk pajamas.

I hope this inspires you to wear your best sleepwear, invest in yourself, make you feel feminine. Upgrading your home wardrobe is one of the most important wardrobes that you have. Ask your partner what he likes seeing you wearing at home.

While we're on the topic of the bedroom, I love Night's satin pillowcases (and face masks). Here's my cute satin eyemask for sleep. I got the eyelash one because it reminded me of the one Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I spray my bed with this room spray before getting in. The cheaper stuff doesn't last as long as this. 

Naomi Campbell said in an interview that she said she doesn't wear pajamas that weren't fabulous enough to go out in. She was spotted wearing a pair of silk Burberry pajamas on a plane in 2019, it went with her facemask that she wore pre-pandemic on planes when she wiped her seating area with lysol wipes (as I've done for years).

I saw a tiktok of someone making a joke to show what stretches he does when he first wakes up and all the comments say they do the same. I've honestly never thought to stretch in the morning, I thought just dogs do that. lol I came across this video of  3 Stretches To Do Every Morning that I started doing and she makes a good point of why it's important for your back to do these. I also do her 5 Movements To Do Every Night video. 

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