Luxury Handbags for Less

photo credit: IG Polene_Paris

I wanted to share some gorgeous handbags by lesser known brands that are absolutely stunning! The craftsmanship and design of these bags are so gorgeous!  Not everyone can afford a Chanel or a YSL bag, so I have a list of unique bags that really stand out. If you want a bag that everyone looks at and admires the unique cut, design, lines and color, I got you covered! 

As I've said in all my fashion posts, accessories are what take your outfit from drab to fab. I save money on clothes; as bags and shoes are where I choose to spend a little more. You should spend your money on investment pieces: handbags and shoes because they elevate your overall look because it's the first thing people see. Don't spend your money on a dress you will only wear once. Know where to invest. Go for a structured bag, they will immediately make your outfit look together.

I heard this fabulous quote once, "A woman is known by her shoes, her handbag, and her perfume" thus never skimp on any of them! A bag is something you will wear over and over again so it has a good cost per wear. If you only invest in one pricey thing, elevate your look with a nice bag. Pairing your outfit with a nice bag makes people think your outfit is more expensive than it is. I don't see a point in buying expensive wallets because they will be hidden inside our bag, you could have put that money instead towards the purchase of your bag. Here are some mid-range bags, that look like timeless designer pieces, for you to consider.


Polene is a French brand that names their bags simply a number in French and the bags retail for $300-400. Each bag style comes in 12-25 colors. The Numéro Huit is the mint bag at the top of this post in the fresh almond color, and it's the second bag below in the cognac color. Shipping is $20 to the USA.  


Demellier is a British brand that offers 10% off your first order and free shipping. The bags average around $400.


Camelia is an Italian brand and cost between €105-130 plus €30 shipping to the USA. 

Tory Burch

 I'm including Tory Burch because I don't see as many people wearing their bags as I do see people rocking Kate Spade, Coach or Michael Kors. I have absolutely nothing against Kate Spade, I wore her bags exclusively for years starting in college when I used to buy them second hand off ebay. This list is intended to show bags that not everyone has and thus makes you stand out more with your unique bag so people look at you and go "what's that". Tory Burch has sales throughout the year and the average cost of these bags is $400.


On the higher end is Strathberry a British brand with bags made in Spain. They've been in business 8 years and their bags have been worn by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and HRH The Duchess of Sussex. Bags range from $400-1000. They also sell silk scarves to wrap around your bag handles.  Shipping is free to the USA  with a minimum purchase. 

Francesco Rogani

An Italian brand whose small bags retail around $300 and come in a dozen  colors. 

I said this before, but I'll say it again, do not buy the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Every plain Jane has it, it's so overly used and common and not worth the money. Not to mention Walmart has a dupe of it so there's no point in you paying retail for it. Honestly any LV monogram bags of any color is overly done and seen everywhere too often. This also goes for the LV Speedy and Pochette. Don't be basic.

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