15 Shoe Repair Hacks You Should Know

I wanted to share some shoe repair solutions that are super useful to know! You know that feeling when you buy a pair of new shoes but they need to be broken in before you can wear them. Here are 15 tips that will make your shoes easier to wear. The picture above is from my shoe closet, I had shelves built into a small closet so I could have storage for my shoes. My boots are on the ground. 

Top Summer Fragrances for Men

Since my 10 Best Colognes for Men post went viral, I wanted to make a separate list of top summer fragrances for men. In the summertime when you're sweating and it's very hot outside  you want a fragrance that's a little bit more on the fresher side. I included a few aquatic scents which are fragrances with an aquatic vibe coming from sea salt notes and greenery.  Wearing a fragrance is always a finishing touch for a lasting impression, which is harder to make with your casual clothes in the summer. Not so if you have a great scent that is lighter, brighter and fresher. When purchasing cologne know the difference in concentrations; the eau de toilette may be cheaper but doesn't last long. Always store your fragrance bottles in a cool dry place, not in your bathroom.  To make your fragrance last longer, apply unscented lotion to your skin before applying your cologne.

Must Try Summer Fragrances

In the summer, I wear scents that are light and fresh in the following olfactory categories: zesty citrus, breezy beachy, or green scents which are all going to be lightweight.  In the summer you should avoid heavy and gourmand scents.  Just like you swap out your dark nail polish for lighter shades in the summer, swap out your perfume for something brighter and sunnier. You want to pick scents that make you feel clean on a really hot day.  A summer scent  is often overlooked, but very important as it can literally make any outfit and a first impression. I can't stress this enough on my blog. Here's why it's so important, after people see your outfit they then smell you as you get closer, so it hits another one of their senses.  

My Favorite Amazon Purchases

I bought a lot of stuff this year from amazon and wanted to share my favorites with you. I'm probably the only person out here without prime but I feel I get my orders within a week of ordering and free shipping, I just have to make sure my order is at least $25. Here's a list of my favorite amazon finds I ordered in the first half of 2021. Amazon has become one of my favorite places to shop during the pandemic.  

Finding Your Personal Style

When you know your personal style you're going to have a nice cohesive wardrobe and you will save money because you won't buy things you don't like. It will also save you time figuring out what to wear and give you a sense of self-confidence. You get stuck in a cycle of shopping because you feel you have nothing to wear because you're not refining your style, instead just adding to it. Personal style is important because style is a way for you to communicate to the world who you are. It's not superficial, it's about feeling great and comfortable with who you really are and being the best version of yourself. You feel powerful when you wear your favorite items. I am aware that on some level there is a frivolity to it but on the other hand its such a vital and important role in your life. When you look good, then that translates to feeling good. It is one of those things that I think we think is frivolous but at the end of the day how you feel is incredibly important to your day. 

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I came up with 6 key pieces for summer that are a mix of new items and older pieces that will form the basis of my summer capsule wardrobe. Now that I'm tiptoeing into post lockdown life, and will be going out more, these are the items I'm most excited to wear. If you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear and struggle to get dressed day to day, then it's time to edit your closet down to essentials. If you pinpoint the articles of clothing you wear the most and the pieces that make you feel your best, then you can remix them regularly. You don't have to have a minimal wardrobe but think of a seasonal capsule wardrobe as paring down what's in your closet. Nothing is more uncomfortable than being out and about and not feeling your best in clothes. We forget about what's in our closet and what we used to love. I think it's important to declutter your closet then create a seasonal capsule of items to wear.