Must Try Summer Fragrances

In the summer, I wear scents that are light and fresh in the following olfactory categories: zesty citrus, breezy beachy, or green scents which are all going to be lightweight.  In the summer you should avoid heavy and gourmand scents.  Just like you swap out your dark nail polish for lighter shades in the summer, swap out your perfume for something brighter and sunnier. You want to pick scents that make you feel clean on a really hot day.  A summer scent  is often overlooked, but very important as it can literally make any outfit and a first impression. I can't stress this enough on my blog. Here's why it's so important, after people see your outfit they then smell you as you get closer, so it hits another one of their senses.  

My summer line up for cool fragrances to wear in the heat are Aerin Honeysuckle, Tom Ford Eau de Jasmine Rouge, Montale Intense Tiare, Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranae and  Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay.  I included a few others that are very popular. 

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle

I would call this a sparkling grapefruit scent. My favorite from this list. I think because I have scent memory from my childhood of smelling honeysuckle bushes. 

Tom Ford - Eau de Jasmine Rouge

This is a 2021 release for Tom Ford and a lighter version of the original Jasmine Rouge.  It has notes of bergamot and citrus, very aquatic but still has the original Jasmine Rouge DNA. It's a sexy fragrance for summer nights. White flowers in perfume like jasmine, tuberose, frangipani  are known to bloom in hot weather, meaning the scent gets bigger. So this scent performs better in summer than in winter. While I haven't tried this, I've heard that Lush makes a cheap dupe for it.

Frederic Malle - Lys Mediterranee 

This smells like a floral sea breeze with very beautiful, realistic creamy lilies. It's aquatic and marine with warm musk and notes of sea water and orange blossom. Picture yourself on a yacht sailing the Mediterranean with salty skin after a dip in the water, that is the essence of this fragrance. You can orders samples directly from Frederic Malle's site.

Montale - Intense Tiare

Tiare is Tahitian gardenia and the official flower of the country. This is my favorite coconut suntan scent, it's beautiful, feminine, bright tropical, creamy white floral. It has notes of sweet ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, and vanilla. It's the perfect perfume to wear to the beach.

Montale sells a Discovery Kit of 5 sample sized perfumes of your choosing for $20. Their perfumes have great sillage on your skin lasting many hours. I'd recommend trying Intense Cafe, Crystal Flowers, Rose Night, and Roses musk.

Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay

A light and refreshing unisex scent and unapologetically green. It smells like bay leaves, slightly bitter with notes of grapefruit and cedar. I love this scent but it's not for everyone, it's very unique. 

Another one of Jo Malone's popular scent is Basil & Neroli, I see it mentioned in countless youtube videos as a good summer scent. 

Tom Ford - Soleil Blanc 

This is the most talked about summer perfume. I have it in my collection but it's not my favorite but I'm going to talk about it since it's so popular.  Don't mix this up with Eau de Soleil Blanc, that's cheaper but it's also a lower perfume concentration. Soleil Blanc is a salty beachy scent that smells like expensive sunblock with a coconut vibe. It has notes of bergamot, cardamom, pistachio, tuberose, coconut, amber and benzoin. It smells like you're bougie at the beach. I also have the body oil which is made with shimmery gold flakes. Two cheaper dupes that smell almost identical are Replica's Beach Walk and Aerin's Hibiscus Palm which both come in $30 travel sprays.

Sephora sells these perfume sample sets of their bestselling Beachy and Aquatic perfumes. They come with a voucher for a free In-Store travel size or rollerball of your favorite fragrance from the group. So it's a great deal and gives you the opportunity to try out a few scents in that olfactory category. The beachy set includes Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc.


Fresh oranges is a popular scent for some in the summer. If you want to wear that instead of the typical floral, then I'd recommend these orange scents: ClĂ©mentine California and Orange Sanguine. Just check out all the positive reviews they have. Also  I would recommend the generously sized sampler pack which has my favorite Atelier scent -Vanille InsensĂ©e.

I think people tend to think of citrus scents as just for men, but I listed some above that wear feminine. Pick something unique that fits your vibe. I'm personally not a fan of Chanel Gabrielle and all of the Chance fragrances. I also want to smell unique and not like everyone else.

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