Top Summer Fragrances for Men

Since my 10 Best Colognes for Men post went viral, I wanted to make a separate list of top summer fragrances for men. In the summertime when you're sweating and it's very hot outside  you want a fragrance that's a little bit more on the fresher side. I included a few aquatic scents which are fragrances with an aquatic vibe coming from sea salt notes and greenery.  Wearing a fragrance is always a finishing touch for a lasting impression, which is harder to make with your casual clothes in the summer. Not so if you have a great scent that is lighter, brighter and fresher. When purchasing cologne know the difference in concentrations; the eau de toilette may be cheaper but doesn't last long. Always store your fragrance bottles in a cool dry place, not in your bathroom.  To make your fragrance last longer, apply unscented lotion to your skin before applying your cologne.

Is a salty marine scent reminiscent of the coast of Britain. It has notes of moss and pine needles and smells like an aromatic sage with a musky drydown. This is a unisex scent and comes in a mini size. It's similar to Tom Ford's Costa Azzurra. Dupe

Maison Martin Margiela Replica - Sailing Day

Is a salty aquatic scent that smells like choppy waves that are more grey than blue, like there's a breeze off the seaweed. This is a unisex scent and comes in a mini size.

With notes of mint, ivy, vetiver, moss, myrrh, woody notes and patchouli, this fragrance will last all day long. It's not your typical beach scent, think more of a driftwood beach with some swampiness to it.  It's supposed to smell like a beach hut made out of bamboo and lemongrass. It's very green with the scent of ivy and has great performance. 

The Acqua di Gio line has 4 fragrances under that name, the original from 1996 is still super popular.  
This is a 2020 release not to be confused with the "Aqua di Gio Profumo" which is a black bottle. Profundo is marine summer scent that is oceanic, mineralic and deep blue clean. It has notes of bergamot, rosemary, lavender, cypress, and musk. It's a more modernized version of the original, its  very long lasting and mass-appealing.  Profundo means profound and profumo means perfume in Italian. Dupe (for the OG formula)

There are many flankers for the Aqva line but the Atlantic is my favorite. It's fresh, bitter and aquatic. It smells like an effervescent salty sea breeze in the morning. The drydown has notes of ambroxan and ambergris. 
Notes of lemon verbena, iris, violet leaf, ambergris, sandalwood. I picture a well put together gentlemen wearing this. The scent has a grassy vibe to it so it has more depth than your average fresh scent. This cologne has been around since 1985 thus this fragrance has been replicated by many other brands.  The smallest size bottle goes for $310 but a dupe for it is the The Irish Gentleman by Alexandria Fragrances or this dupe or that one.

This is a green aquatic scent, that has that fresh laundry smell with lime and mint. This lasts for 8 hours. Dupe

With notes of Lemon, moss, sage, geranium and cedar, it smells like a wonderful summer day walking oceanside. It's a fresh, aquatic, salty, grassy scent.

Louis Vuitton - Afternoon Swim
A beautiful citrus scent with only three notes: orange, bergamot and mandarin. It's similar to Creed Millesime Imperial. It has a salt marine vibe mixed with the crisp juiciness. But it doesn't last long so you have to reapply. The bottles are refillable and cost $100 less for the refill. The bottles can be engraved and come in a case that's great for travel. Dupe

While we're on the topic of LV, if you're looking for a great gift in addition to cologne, I recommend the LV Avenue Sling Bag. It's a great carry-all  that can be worn on both your chest or back. It's slim and perfect for traveling. It comes in two colors. As your Sales Associate to let you know when it's in store.

Alt Fragrances which makes dupes of expensive fragrances now makes a 20ml  pocket spray! This makes it easy for men to carry all day to reapply. I'd recommend the Agar Gold and Farouche. 

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