15 Shoe Repair Hacks You Should Know

I wanted to share some shoe repair solutions that are super useful to know! You know that feeling when you buy a pair of new shoes but they need to be broken in before you can wear them. Here are 15 tips that will make your shoes easier to wear. The picture above is from my shoe closet, I had shelves built into a small closet so I could have storage for my shoes. My boots are on the ground. 

1. Slippery shoes with no traction on the bottom.  You can sand the bottom of the shoes or purchase these anti-slip shoe grips. 

2. Tight pointy shoes.  I bought this shoe stretcher spray and will wear the shoes while I work at home on the computer to work in the shoes. For more heavy duty lifting I got this Shoe Tree Widener Expander which really does the trick!

3. Keep feet from sliding forward in a shoe that is too big with these foot pedals. 

4. Loose shoes that are too big sometimes just need a little Heel Grip Liner or this one in clear.

5. A Shoe Horn because you don't want your heel to crush the back of your shoe which can damage your shoes over time. 

6. Protect your heels from sinking into grass. These are perfect for weddings or outdoor events so your heels don't end up looking totally worn down.

7. For at home pedicures I bought this stool so it's easier to reach my feet. 

8.  Christian Louboutin Heels - If you want to protect that red bottom from getting scratched, these Clear Sole Protector will do the trick.

9. Want to prevent sneaker odor, try this natural foot spray.

10. Shoe Glue to repair leaky rainboots or embellishments that have fallen off your shoes. 

11. A Foot Massager to roll under your foot after a long day.

12.  I strongly believe in insoles for your shoes for the most comfort.  I buy different types based on whether its a high heel shoe or a flat. These insoles I bought for my fashion sneakers that had no cushioning on the heel. These thin insoles I use in all my sandals.

13. Wool insoles to keep your feet warm in boots. You can replace your old insoles from ugg boots.

14. Keep the shape of tall boots with shaping inserts.  I show before and after pics in this post. 

15. To prevent pain from wearing high heels shoes, I use this  Stiletto Cream. I used this on my last trip to Miami and I could walk in heels for blocks without complaining. 

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