Closet Organization: Boot Fillers

Now that I have a new shoe closet, I stumbled upon a new problem (first world problems lol). My boots aren't standing up, they're slumped over! And well it's not a good look at all. lol  Since everything is exposed in this closet I wanted to make it look nice and polished.

I googled this problem and found a couple DIY ideas. One was to put two paper towel tubes together and taping together with wrapped paper. I think it's ingenious, but I'm not feeling crafty right now. Plus I don't use paper towels at home and I'm not about to stalk the paper towels in the kitchen at work to see when it's almost done to take home. lol Another option I found was to use Smart Water bottles because they are tall and narrow. You cut off the top section then tape together two bottles.

I ended up going to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought these boot shapers for $8.50 with my 20% off coupon. I wish I'd known about them before, I could have prevented the years worth of creases in my boots. See how with the boot shaper inside the boot it stands up on it's own? The glitter chevron art work is what I've decided to hang at the top of my shoe closet.
Compare this pic to the first one at top. Problem solved!

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