Favorite Magazines

Do you have a favorite magazine that you read? Mine is Allure and Oprah and I save them to take with me when I go to the hairdresser to read. I love that fact that Allure comes with a page of stickers that I can peel and use as bookmarks to flag pages in the magazine that interests me to return back to. Just from December edition of Allure magazine I got tips on wear a new shade of Essie nail polish I coincidentally just bought! Saw some eyeshadow palettes I just had to have and lotion recommendations for the winter. It's just a great learning tool for someone addicted to buying beauty products and learning new things related to them.

I just happened to have the nail polish color features so I copied their design on my nails.

I was going to subscribe to the digital version as well (which is not free even though they make you think it is until after you download it) however the reviews say it has a lot of kinks so I'm going to hold off on that fr now. I can usually get a deal for the print version for $5 for a year.

My co-worker made a joke that he was somewhere where there was nothing to read but Oprah magazine and everyone laughed. I chimed in that it was my favorite magazine because it truly is an extension of her show. I no longer watch her show because I don't have cable but I grew up watching it for years when I was an adolescent. Her magazine gives money tips, personal development, style makeovers, book recommendations and recipes. It's really all about celebrating life and being a better you.

Oprah had an 11 page article on the benefit of Shakeology and where in the world the ingredients come from.

You can read the whole article here.

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