Reviewing the Best Low Cal Ice Cream

I've done a handful of posts on low cal ice cream but then took a break from Halo Top for a couple years as I was bored with the flavors but they have finally expanded to more unique flavors. Then new  brands have hit the market and are changing the frozen dessert game by taking what we think of as delicious ice cream and making it better nutrition wise. I have a whole new line up for you that I'm super excited to share! 

Nick's is a Swedish brand and comes in 30 ice cream flavors and is sweetened with monkfruit. A few  of the flavors taste chemical to me but I love the Peanut Chokland Cup!!! It's a creamy peanut butter ice cream with lots of generic mini reese's peanut butter cups inside.  Each ice cream flavor has a different calorie breakdown and this one has the highest amount of calories. The whole pint is 370 calories, it has 3 servings in one container and one serving is 120 calories, 1g of sugar, and 6g of protein. They use whey protein in their ingredients if that is a concern for you.  

To compare Nick's peanut butter cup ice cream to Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup, the difference is Nick's has more of an ice cream consistence while Halo Top has more of that fluffy frozen yogurt consistency. Nick has a lot of chocolate flavor with the tons of little generic reese's peanut butter cups. While Halo Top has no chocolate in sight and the ingredients say 1% or less of Chocolate Extract.

180 calories, 13g fat, 7g fiber, 8g sugar, 4g protein
I have sensitive teeth and these are actually soft so they don't require much biting into them. They taste like a frozen snickers bar and are so delicious. Now you can also buy a frozen Snickers bar for about the same amount of calories, but they are not the same nutrient wise. The Kind bar in comparison is dairy free, has half the amount of sugar, much more fiber and a little more protein. You can find these at Target and Whole Foods. There's a lot of peanuts in this, so you have to like that. In additional to the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Nut, it comes in three other flavors, the Mint is delicious but the Cherry was a let down as I didn't actually see any cherries and it just tasted like artificial cherry flavor to me. I love these bars and eat them all the time even though I never eat the regular kind bars. 

These bars are very creamy and have crunchy pistachio brittle pieces. Yasso is made with milk, Greek yogurt and white sugar. The bars have  90 calories, 12g of sugar and 5g of protein.  Yasso bars come in 11 flavors and taste good. 
Halo Top's mango sorbet taste like the real thing but with half the sugar! It's sweetened with white sugar and Erythritol. One pint is 310 calories, it has 3 servings of 100 calories each and 17g of sugar.

My favorite ice  cream of all time is Jeni's Brambleberry Crisp and let me compare it to Halo Top Blueberry crumble. Brambleberry is another name for blackberry. On the left is Jeni's and on the right is Halo Top for one serving. 

Halo Top Blueberry Crumble has very tiny pie crumbles and the blueberry taste is similar to blueberry yogurt. It does have a very creamy texture, is sweet and similar to blueberry pie. It's super light and whipped but is no Jeni's ice cream, but the flavor is good.

The Halo Top strawberry fruit pops are delicious and taste like fresh strawberries! It's sweetened with stevia.

These popsicles come in many flavors so make sure you pick up the one that says No Sugar Added. he bars are smaller than they are on the picture.  One popsicle is 30 calories with 2g of sugar. It uses the artificial sweetener Sorbitol and Sucralose. They taste good but I typically stay away from sucralose. 

I know this isn't an ice cream, but I'm including them since they're a low cal dessert. 
I've only had the lemon and ginger flavors and they're really good. One serving is 8 cookies for 120 calories with 10g sugar. I usually just have 2 cookies after dinner and find that satisfying and it's only 30 calories. I saw someone on tiktok buy the chocolate, crumble the cookies and sprinkle over  plain yogurt with strawberries. 

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