Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

If you're wondering what all the fashion girlies are wearing this summer, I'd say think French summer style. I've got your list of key items which include lots of flowy linen pants (both the pull on with drawstrings and the new tailored version), the satin skirt, silk pants, tailored shorts, the naked sandal, chunky earrings, straw hat,  open button ups, larger and wider silhouettes, monochrome white looks, two piece sets, and so much crochet. We are ditching the mirror lens sunglasses and focusing on more rectangular shaped ones. 

I'm going to post some outfit inspiration for the type of vibe for the linen pants and button up situation that is light and airy and looks very Saint-Tropez or Positano vacation dream. I need to be frocking in the south of France right now! I think you'll find all of these to be really easy and effortless but still feels put together.

Notice that all of these effortless chic outfits have  contrast of proportion, meaning their silhouette isn't all tight clothing. They paired a fitted tank top with loose flowy pants. An all tight look looks unbalanced, cheap and dated. Mixing tight and loose pieces creates a balanced more thoughtful outfit. When buying pants, don't be obsessed with the size. Your pants should drape nicely on you so ignore the number. Adding a touch of volume to your outfits make you look more elegant, makes the outfit more breathable, and conceals anything you don't want to accentuate. Instead of skinny white jeans go for flowy white linen pants. 

Linen Pants

I wear linen every single summer and they have to be white pants, not a blend but 100% linen and with a drawstring.  I think the pants just look naked without it. White linen pants will never go out of style, you can wear them again and again as they are timeless and classic and look so versatile with other things in your closet. They are so breathable and airy. You do have to iron them, but a hand held steamer easily does the trick and I always travel with one. Linen is truly luxurious, it gives me a cool vibe of a summer vacation in Europe.  It's such an effortless look that is so chic. Open toe shoes look best with a flowy long pant.

Button Down Shirt

Satin Skirt

So versatile and so many ways to wear it and have been on trend for years and not going anywhere. I wear light shapewear underneath it. They are feminine and elegant and you can wear them year round.

Two Piece Sets

Tailored Shorts

Silk Pants

These aren't actually made of silk but give that elevated non-pajama vibe. These are all matching sets but I just link to the pants and you can find the top linked on the page.
Mango (not part of a set)
I bought this set from  H&M last year, surprised it's still on their site, but I love wearing it. I wear it as a set or mix and match the pants with various tops like a hot pink tank top. 

Strappy Sandals

The braided shoe has been on trend for a couple years now so I wouldn't invest in them if you don't already have a pair. What's trending now with sandals is what I  would call the naked sandal. It's an updated style where the straps are sitting behind the ankle or right below it, not going around the ankle, wrapping in front of the ankle in a circle. Example

Wearing a nude colored shoe elongates your legs verses a black shoe cuts your foot off visually. Black pumps are off trend now, leave them in the office. Black shoes don't go with pastels, the contrast is too harsh and makes the entire outfit look bottom heavy. Pair pastel outfits with white shoes instead.  For the same reason don't wear white jeans with black shoes, especially if you're petite or have short legs like me. So stock up on your skin colored shoes as they are almost always the best option for every outfit.

For flat sandals the Hermes Oran Sandal Dupes are still on trend.

Aquazzura (and all of her dupes below)
H&M (I bought these)

Crochet Bags

Since you can't wear layers in the summertime, upgrade the accessories because that will add texture and contrast to your outfit. Certain things are worth investing in as quality accessories make your outfit look more elevated. Adding a straw bag to a summer outfit gives it that layered feeling. This Target bag in the natural color is a dupe for the Loewe bag that's popular in Europe! If you're wearing an all black outfit, adding a straw bag adds structure and contrast to your look.
Amazon 6 (I got this one)

Straw Hats

When people wear hats their outfit immediately looks more intentional and makes a statement. Make sure you read my post on my hat collection as I go in depth on purchasing hats. This is my most latest purchase which is perfect for summer: Arlo 

Floppy hats are out, you want a stiff wide brim hat. Target has a few options:

Chunky Earrings

You can add structure to your look by adding architectural jewelry, meaning adding hardness to a soft summer look. I bought these chunky earrings that are trending right now as they are a dupe for the Bottega earrings! Mignonne Gavigan Madeline earrings are still popular! I snagged a pair in hot pink.


Statement sunglasses pack a real punch as the shape feels really elevated and is money well spent. Sunglasses transform the look of a basic outfit by giving it that bold element by helping to elevate a simple look. Don't rest your sunglasses on top your head, that stretches out your sunglasses and then they later always slip down your nose. 

These cat eye sunglasses from Amazon are a dupe for the Loewe ones! They feel so chic and modern and make every outfit look great. They are perfect for round face shapes. For oblong faces the pointed edges of cat eye give the face more curve and width to the forehead, so that the chin looks more narrow.

I know everyone watched Sofia Richie's wedding weekend live on tiktok in the French Riviera. I really liked this sleeveless blazer dress with gold button embellishments that she paired with Chanel flats. The dress is by designer Proenza Schouler and retails for $1348 but I found a dupe at J. Crew. Her earrings are Oscar de la Renta but here are some similar styles on AmazonAmazon 2Amazon 3Anthropologie.

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