The Benefits of Face Oils

There’s been a buzz around face oils for the past few years as the new secret weapon in skincare. It will not make your face break out, instead your skin will look better. Applying oil to oily or acne skin helps to break up the oil by reducing the skin’s own production of oil thus reducing blemishes. So the right oil can help balance out oily skin If your skin is oily because of overproduction of oil, then adding oil topically to your skin mimics natural occurring oil so your skin will stop producing as much.

36 Hours in New York City

I went to college in New York City so it’s my second home. I love doing weekend trips there once a year or so. Here’s how to get the most out of a quick trip to New York.

Porto City Guide

Porto is a beautiful city with old world charm. While Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, the second biggest city is Porto in the north located along the Douro River. For size comparison Portugal is about the same size as Pennsylvania. Porto is half the size in area and population as Lisbon. Both cities have their similarities as both have close access to beaches and both are very hilly cities like San Francisco.  I flew into Porto first and I’m glad I did as it made me appreciate Porto first, saving the biggest city for last. I didn’t feel Porto was overrun with tourists, while in Lisbon there were Americans everywhere due to the cruise ship port. Porto is a UNESCO world heritage city for its iconic azulejos (tiled) buildings, windy cobblestoned streets, historic churches, and terracotta rooftops. I visited at the very end of May and it was only 60 degrees and rainy so my pace was a bit slower than usual. But everywhere I looked people still hung their laundry outside their windows.