Sports Injury Rehabilitation

I've been a member of  Orangetheory for three years now and always stretch after class. On my off days I lift weights, stationary bike, zumba, yoga  and walking. Somehow I managed to get injured last October, don't know how exactly.  I got high hamstring tendonitis which is a dull aching pain high up on my hamstring, so literally a pain in the butt. So I stopped running and yoga and thought it would go away on its own but it didn't. So I went to physical therapy but wasn't consistent with doing the exercises at home so it didn't go away. My pain was manageable, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst it was only a 2, but it was always there. 

My Best Quarantine Purchases

Here are some recent purchases of mine that turned out to be products that works out really well that I wanted to share with you.

The only thing I like about winter is that I can wear gloves to open doors, but I don't want to wear latex gloves now. While the CDC says coronavirus doesn't easily spread via contaminated surfaces but it's still not completely impossible if you touch your face afterwards. So I bought this germ key to push elevator buttons, open some doors (depending on the width of the door handle), and push buttons on cash registers. I love, love this!

Dry June: Alcohol-Free for 30 Days

For about the past five years I have been doing a Dry January, which is a month without alcohol. Dry January is super popular in Great Britain as is Sober October and Dry July is a thing in Australia. This year I didn't do it in January because I went to Mexico so I did it in June instead. It was fairly easy,  I like to do this once a year as it gives me that "oil change" I need to reboot. Now I'm back to only drinking on the weekends. The reason I did it was to reboot my health goals on June 1 to help jump start my weight loss. I've been exercising consistently throughout quarantine, but have been eating a lot too. And when I drink, I get hungrier. 

Healthy Snack Bars

I wanted to share some of my favorite, clean, snack bars. I don't eat bars everyday, but it's nice to keep them around in case I need a quick snack and they're great for traveling with. All are available at Whole Foods or you can order directly from their website.