My Best Quarantine Purchases

Here are some recent purchases of mine that turned out to be products that works out really well that I wanted to share with you.

The only thing I like about winter is that I can wear gloves to open doors, but I don't want to wear latex gloves now. While the CDC says coronavirus doesn't easily spread via contaminated surfaces but it's still not completely impossible if you touch your face afterwards. So I bought this germ key to push elevator buttons, open some doors (depending on the width of the door handle), and push buttons on cash registers. I love, love this!

A desk fan with a sleek modern design with bladeless technology. Its HEPA filter purifies the air and keeps allergies at bay. It captures household dust, odors, mold spores, and pet dander  It has a special night-time mode to work on the quietest setting and dims the power light. My bedroom only has one a/c vent which I feel doesn't really circulate the entire room. So I put this quiet fan on my desk and it gives me a little extra air. It has 10 speed settings for cooling and also purifies the air of dust mites which I'm allergic to. Best purchase I made this year! 

Four weighted pods with machine washable microbeads. Contours to your face for total-light
blocking comfort.  Lay freely over your eyes or secure with our pull-through slit. One side cooling jersey cotton, other side warm microfiber. Can be put in the freezer for a cooling affect and stays soft and flexible afterwards. I don't like to wear sleep masks because I find them too tight around my head and slightly claustrophobic. Even though I have blinds and curtains, the morning sun beams right into my bedroom and wakes me up earlier than I want to get up. So I keep the nodpod in my bed and when the sun starts to wake me up I put this over my head, its weighted blanket feel puts me back to sleep. 

is an intensive hydration cream designed to heal dry, cracked skin for visibly softer, smoother feet. I keep this on my nightstand so I can put it on my feet every night. It's such a rich and creamy formula and keeps my heels looking good.

A Satin lined rain hat. My friends laugh at me because I have an old lady plastic covering for my hair when it rains because I find umbrellas let a little moisture in. My hair poofs up with the slightest amount of moisture! Now I have a stylish hat to wear when it rains. 

It wicka water away 50% faster than a cotton towel, gently drying your hair without the damage caused by friction from bath towels and secures with a button.
The inside is satin lined to protect hair and the back has an opening for a pony tail! Can't tell you how many times I would have to adjust the height of my ponytail to wear a hat, not anymore. 

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