Jigsaw Puzzles I Love

Puzzles are my latest quarantine hobby. I started off with 500 pieces then advanced to 1000 pieces.  Did you know that working on a puzzle engages both sides of your brain? It's a great brain exercise as its said to increase cognitive function. My grandmother died of alzheimer's so I'm always thinking of ways to keep my brain active. Working on puzzles increases your mental speed and thought process.  This hobby exercises patience, strategy, and mindfulness. I think it's a great hobby to do at home while you're quarantining as it keeps you productive and creative. 

Trader Joe's Fall Favorites

I've been a huge Trader Joe's fan for years! They have some of the most unique and fast prep foods out there. A couple years ago I had a couple posts (linked below) reviewing fall items at Trader Joe's so I thought I would bring that feature back by reviewing some new items.  I want to share some of my favorite fall items with you!

3 Energy Boosting Drinks that Aren't Coffee

I'm not a coffee drinker and when I wake up in the morning I'm fine to start my day, but find that I have an energy slump around 3-4pm.  Typically it's the bitter black teas that have caffeine while I prefer the fruity herbal teas.  So I had a hard time finding caffeinated teas that I like. Then I tried these green fuels and found they they did the trick to wake me up!

Books by Black Authors

I am trying to actively read more books by Black authors as I think I learn much from hearing from different voices. I recommend buying books directly from Black bookstores, and not amazon which only gives the author a small fraction of the sale price. The first three books are Reese Witherspoon 2020 bookclub selections. I tend to read just about anything she picks as I find that even though the jacket of the book may not appeal to me, after I've read the book I see why it's such a great pick and am glad she broadened my horizon. 

Daily Harvest Review

Daily Harvest delivers frozen smoothies and plant based foods like pizza, harvest bowls,  breakfast bowls, soups, and energy bites. Everything arrives in the mail frozen and you keep it in the freezer until you're ready to use. I've known about this company for many years but never signed up because I thought I can make my own smoothies and that's more cost effective. I always saw Daily Harvest as a luxury item I wouldn't partake in. But as you know I also signed up for meal kit delivery, so I thought I would finally try this too. Mail order meal kits allow me to get healthy food while avoiding going to the grocery store and just stay home and feel safe. While I'm super lucky to be able to work from home, I don't know some days I don't have the energy to cook so I love just being able to grab an easy breakfast or lunch from my freezer.