Summer Lookbook 2024 | Fashion Trends

These looks embodies my vibe for the summer! I'd call it Cool Girl Relaxed Vibes. If you want to feel stylish and current for this season I will share the top ten trends in summer fashion this year. Nothing here is really new, they just continue to be in the spotlight. So not much of a surprise from last year, they always come back again. The good news is that you probably already own most of summer’s key elements.

Don't forget about the three color rule when building your outfits. Keep your outfits to just three colors, it makes your outfit look more pulled together but also adds some dimension. The best outfits are made by creating some contrast, pairing wide leg pants with a slim top creates for a well rounded outfit. Black isn't always best in summer as a neutral, there are other neutral colors that won't be as heavy. Consider white or nude shoes instead of black. Asymmetric one shoulder tops are very much a happening look this summer. 

Linen is trending this season and the clean girl era has emphasized the beauty of simplicity. Linen pants are the epitome of effortless elegance. They give that laid back sophisticated look. It has a timeless appeal that goes beyond trends. Its something you will reach for year after year especially if you invest in a high quality pair. It's a breathable material and natural fabric that is perfect to wear in summer heat. You won't catch me in denim in the summer.

My Favorite Korean Sunscreens

American sunscreen is held back from using the latest greatest ingredients by the FDA.  European sunscreens, which are banned in the USA, have the latest technology in ingredients. Be sure to buy some from a farmacy next time you're in Europe. The FDA hasn’t approved any new UV filters since 1999.  Korean sunscreens use different chemicals as UV filters than Western brands and are classified as  functional cosmetics with skincare ingredients by the FDA which is why they are allowed to be sold in the USA. Korean sunscreens tend to be lighter in consistency since they are not using antiquated thick ingredients and don't leave a white cast on your skin. Everything on this list is a chemical sunscreen, without zinc, instead they use Tinosorb M - a commonly used sunscreen oversees and other next generation chemical filters. They all give a lightweight moisturizing feel with adequate spf protection.

Quiet Luxury Belts That Look Expensive

The best quiet luxury belts are low key, elegant and don't have a flashy logo. I've curated a list of belts with old money vibes that will make any simple outfit a little bit more elevated. You've probably seen these belts on fashion girles but never realized what it was because these belts truly master the art of whispering luxury, so the untrained eye wouldn't know how expensive these belts are. These belts are unique and the epitome of quiet luxury and add so much versatility to your wardrobe. These belts are sleek, subtle, and giving if you know you know. 

Butter Yellow is the Color of Spring

The color of the season is butter yellow in terms of color trends for spring. It's a nice color for this season and I'm seeing more items than usual in this color in stores since it's on trend. If you think you can't wear it, I got lots of inspiration for you so you don't look like Big Bird.  Yellow symbolizes optimism, energy, joy, and happiness. It is also the color of sunshine. I have always loved a butter yellow but it's hard to find just the right shade. I bought every item on the top list so I can tell you what is worth buying and what is not! Because when you look at clothes online you don't know if the shirt will be sheer, or if the fabric scratchy, or if the color different in person. I was in the market for a light yellow top so I'm going to take you on my journey with me as I'm happy to add butter yellow to my spring wardrobe. 

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Watch out New York, the ghostbusters are back! I've seen all five Ghostbusters movies so here’s my review on the new one: Frozen Empire. It has a new squad of Ghostbusters who were introduced in the last film Ghostbusters Afterlife (see my review). The premise of the movie is that they are protecting New York City from turning into the Ice Age. The new ghosts are very cool and the visuals and special effects are mind-blowing. This movie also brings back all the original Ghostbusters! Having the original actors return makes it super nostalgic!