What Fragrances to buy from the Sephora Sale

Sephora Spring Savings Event starts Friday for Rouge members and April 13th for VIB members.  I absolutely love fragrances and my love for fragrances is growing more and more each day. I'm a fan of switching up your fragrance wardrobe depending on the season. I really enjoy wearing fresh florals during the springtime. Come summer, I wear scents that are lighter and fresher to feel clean on a really hot day. Also keep in mind that a lot of scents will burn off fast because your body heat is making them burn so quickly. 

My fragrance wishlist is never going to end. Once you're in this fragrance game, you're in it for life as you're never really done. There's no exit plan or strategy to get out of this! And it's an expensive hobby.  I'm definitely a fan of buying the smallest size a perfume comes in as I feel I will never get through a whole perfume bottle and it's good to sample before committing to a full size bottle. Above is pictured some of my larger samples. I think people who smell good are automatically more attractive. Have you thought about what fragrance you're going to wear when we come out of lockdown?  If you looking for some new fragrances that leave a stunning scent trail and turn heads, here are my recommendations on what to pick up while it's discounted.

 "The way you smell can make as much as an impression as the way you look." - Tom Ford

How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Perfumes make me smile, they make me happy and brighten up my day when I smell them. I feel you're not fully dressed without perfume. Do you have a favorite perfume but can't smell it a couple hours later? Well I got you covered! Most of my perfumes are from niche brands (not from fashion houses) because I don't want to smell like everybody else, but those also tend to be a bit pricier. So if I'm going to spend all that money on a perfume, I want everyone to smell me! And  I want to make sure when I go out for date night that my perfume projects. 

Aluminum-Free Deodorants

I switched to natural deodorant a year and a half ago and it seems more and more people are making the switch. If you've been thinking more about what you put into your body, the pandemic is the best time to make the switch so you can detox at home. I want to share six new brands I've discovered as there are so many new brands on the market. 

Fragrance Wardrobe: What Perfumes I Wear

Perfume can be the finishing touch that pulls your look together and gives you confidence just from the scent you are wearing. But finding the right scent for you is like finding your dream partner. Perfume shopping can be a bit overwhelming, trying on so many scents and none fitting right. The possibilities are endless with what type of perfume you can wear which is why I could never commit to one signature scent to wear daily. I only lightly dabbled in perfume before the pandemic, but now I really got into it!  I've been enjoying wearing perfume everyday to work from home. It's fun picking out what fragrance I'm in the mood for that day, it makes me free great regardless if I'm not leaving my home. 

Blue Apron Review

This review is for the vegetarian offerings of Blue Apron and I will say it's my 2nd favorite delivery meal kit option after Purple Carrot. Blue Apron has a fancy grilled cheese sandwich once a month which is the main reason I keep the box. I don't buy bread because I wouldn't be responsible with it and eat it way too fast. lol So it's very rare I eat a grilled cheese sandwich. Blue Apron's grilled cheese are always made with some kind of white cheese and then another ingredient inside the sandwich  (like mango chutney, mushrooms or caramelized onion) and served with a side salad of lettuce (something else I never buy). Normally I would still be hungry after a grilled cheese so having that side salad is perfect.