Aperol Spritz Mocktail

This year for Sober October I wanted to see if I could find an alcohol free Aperol Spritz that is delicious and I did! Every year I do a sober month or two and this is my 6th year doing it. I feel it helps out not only my body but also my mind.  Alcohol consumption is second nature in our culture. People get surprised to hear you're not drinking and start asking all sorts intrusive questions thinking you're an alcoholic when you're not.  I think it's good to do 30 day alcohol free challenges every so often. Cutting out alcohol really helps clear the mind and prevents late night munchies. 

Alcohol does not help you get better sleep and you wake up more anxious. Even though alcohol makes you fall asleep, it wakes you up a few hours later in the middle of the night.  Did you know the longest you can go into deep sleep after drinking alcohol is 5 hours?

I really love a dry month as a reset for my spending and health habits. My mother always says its cheaper to drink at home. lol  At this point in my life I'm not looking to cut it out completely forever but I never regret cutting it out of my life for periods of time. I posted more alcohol free beverage reviews in this post. 

Peloton Review

Fitness is a big part of who I am. I exercise 6 days a week and when the endorphins hit I feel amazing! At any clothing size, I feel exercise has given my body a nice shape and sculpted arms. I've heard several times now from nurses that they have observed that people who exercise regularly recover faster after hospitalization than those who don't. Thus, I believe movement is medicine. Now that I'm celebrating 100 rides on the Peloton bike I want to share my review and whether or not it's worth investing in one.

{photo credit: IG sassyredlipstick}

Fall 2021 Nail Polish Trends

When the leaves start to turn, you often change out your nail polish colors to match the colors of fall. This year I've noticed that rich brown nail polish is trending. I think chocolate brown nail polish is so pretty and unique! I love to wear burnt orange and purple nail polish in autumn. In my Fall Fashion Trends I talked about what colors are on trend for fashion this fall, and this year its is a mix of the traditional deep rich colors of fall but also some pastels. Below are my twelve favorite colors to wear from Essie, OPI and Zoya.

Hermes Oran Sandal Dupes

Even though these shoes were first released 24 years ago, I've noticed them trending the last few years. It's come in 40 different styles and a range of different colors. They retail from $630-1200 depending on the style. This year's collection has black soles while previous years did not. They're a very comfortable shoe, the biggest issue is deciding what color to get? I see most people wearing them in brown. I went with gold for my pair but instantly had buyers remorse and wish I got green instead, I think the color doesn't pop on my skin tone. You don't have to be rich to buy these as I got a bunch of dupes for you! 

5 Best Fall Colognes for Men

With the change in weather and cooler temperatures, he's going to want to transition from his fresh summer scents to colognes that evoke the aroma of autumn. A few of the colognes on this list have cardamom as a scent note which is a spice frequently used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. I love cardamom and use it in any pumpkin recipe, desserts, oatmeal, Indian curry and chai. It's also an ingredient in Trader Joe's pumpkin pie spice mix. It's hard to describe what it tastes like but it's in the same spice family as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric and cloves; its a warm spice with a vibrant, rich aromatic flavor. Here's your fall fragrance lineup.