12 Luxury Makeup Products That Are Worth The Hype

A good time to purchase luxury makeup is from the Sephora sale because brands like Dior never have sales. Luxury is not just a price point, it's an experience that comes at a high price point. That experience is a major factor in making it luxury.  I feel these products are truly worth the money and the products I’m most excited about. Here are my absolute favorites by brand. Take advantage of getting discounts on luxury products now at the Sephora sale. Also check out my favorite concealers and best face masks posts.

I also wanted to mention I’ve noticed a trend in make up lately and that is that intricate eyeshadow looks are out and no longer the main part of makeup. Tiktok has lots of videos on heavy vs light makeup and what suits you better. What’s on trend now is all about giving a nice complexion. I think it started with the clean skin aesthetic during the pandemic and now everyone just wants glowy skin, chic effortless one and done looks.

Some people say bougie products aren’t for the rich, it's for the poor who want to pretend they're rich. I can see that since the truly rich are wearing quiet luxury brands. But the rest of us get some enjoyment out of having a luxury product.  Here’s a tip, if you buy an expensive skincare product and don’t want to spend the money to buy it again, keep the container but refill it with a cheaper product. I do that when I buy a boogie hand soap in a fancy container. Your La Mer eye cream jar can be repurposed and you will still feel like you’re using a luxury product. I repurpose all my Voluspa candle jars as storage containers (pens, makeup, perfume samples) and my luxury candle jars are used for succulents.

Best Face Masks

The Sephora sale starts today! If you're as beauty obsessed as me, then you're excited about the Sephora sale! I haven't bought anything from Sephora the entire year in anticipation of this event! My cart has been prepped and ready to go for weeks! Check out my favorite concealers post.

A great face mask can be a game-changing addition to your skincare routine. It's one of my favorite ways to feel like I’m doing something really great for my skin. I use them every night before a vacation or event where I will be taking pictures. Otherwise I use them 3 times a week. This is a list of my current favorite face masks that I use and love! 

Best Things to Do in Muscat, Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is a hidden gem on the Arabian Peninsula that has a good mix of nature, cultural history and is very authentic in contrast to its neighbor the UAE. I would say Oman is a super underrated travel destination but one of my most interesting travel experiences. Oman has no skyscrapers and the vast majority of the buildings are painted white. So, the contrast of the white colors against the bare grey mountains was stunning. From gorgeous wadis, sand dunes, ancient fortresses, beaches, and mosques, Oman offers an incredibly wide range of experiences.

5 Most Beautiful Places in Namibia

Namibia is a dream destination for nature and wildlife enthusiasts! The best places to visit are the incredible deserts and Etosha national Park for a safari. Namibia was the 11th country I've visited in Africa and the desert landscapes was unmatched! This stunning country has a rusted orange sandy landscape and a unique floral kingdom from the variety of  plant species adapted to the harsh climate. Namibia will astound you with its wilderness and vastness. It's a dream destination for photography!

Three Fashion Rules Everyone Should Follow

Have you ever looked at an outfit and can’t figure out why it’s not working, chances are it’s because you’re breaking one of these fashion rules. I'm combing all the fashion advice I've shared in pieces over the last few years in various posts here in one place. Be sure to read my Effortless Spring Style post for more tips. The idea is understanding the importance of balancing our the proportions of an outfit and what styles and colors work best with your body type so that you look amazing every day. In this post I'm going to cover personal color palettes, body shapes,  and the rule of thirds.