Fall 2022 Fashion Trends

Here are the latest trends for fall fashion 2022 and some tips to look fresh for fall. If you update your closet with classic pieces with a modern twist, you will always look chic and effortless. I think you can build upon what you already have and love. You can take what you already wear for summer and build upon that for fall. For example, my favorite summer pants I will pair with warmer tops. I just need to add some layers and textures and darker accessories. Adding something unexpected to an outfit like mixing fabrics help to add some fall texture. If you build upon what you already have, then you don’t need to buy all new clothes, starting fresh each season. Layering your looks makes an outfit interesting and is what makes dressing for fall so much fun.

How to Treat Tiny Bumps on Forehead

I think my skin looks pretty good, it's clear, no acne, however I have these tiny bumps on my forehead. They are so small that I don't really see them in natural light, I only see them once I put makeup on and then I see my skin has texture. They're not whiteheads so you can't pop them, thus they are not pimples. I went to the dermatologist last year and she gave me a prescription for Tretinoin which is used to treat acne, sun-damaged skin and wrinkles. It's a popular prescription for  people over 30 who want to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It's a retinoid which is derived from vitamin A and tretinoin is more powerful than any retinol you can buy from Sephora. Tretinoin works by increasing the production and shedding of skin cells aka cell turnover.  It's not tolerated well by sensitive skin and for many people it causes irritation and dry skin. I've been using prescription Differin since I was a teenager, which now you can buy over the counter, and I think because of that I have no side affects from Tretinoin and don't have to use a moisturizer with it and can use it every night which is not the norm for most people.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Haul

An Affordable Makeup Haul of elf Cosmetics.

Elf has high quality makeup and skincare products at fraction of the price! Don't sleep on their products at the drugstore, you need to run out and try this brand. Elf is a clean beauty brand that is vegan and cruelty free, founded in California in 2004. I really enjoyed everything that I tried from Elf. They have such high quality products and at affordable prices. Here's all the products I tried, but looking at the website now I see so many other products that look like dupes for expensive brands. 

7 Best Summer Perfumes

Now that we're halfway through summer I want to share my favorite summer perfumes that I have on rotation right now.  I wear about 5-8 core fragrances per season. I like to switch up my scents with the seasons because hot temperatures call for lighter fragrances. This list of fragrances is inspired by the summer season with beachy scents, light florals, zesty citrus, tropical, and herbal notes. Each of these scents offer you an excursion. It instantly boosts my energy and mood and transports me on a vacation.

Smelling my perfumes uplifts my spirts so I even wear them to work from home. I don't feel the need to save my fragrances for special occasions. Fragrance is more than an accessory to my outfits, wearing fragrances daily is part of my self-care routine.  You automatically look good when you smell good.

In the summertime I apply perfume on my wrists, neck, inside of elbows, and behind my knees for when you walk past people who are sitting. You should never rub your wrists together after applying perfume, you will rub off the top notes. You can also spray your hair if you like. Scent is our most powerful sense when it comes to memory.

The Best Summer Beauty Essentials

Have you been in a beauty rut the last couple years? Maybe you haven't been keeping up with the latest trends since you're wearing less makeup these days.  Here are some new products to try to be excited about as these are my most loved products. When you change your clothes for the summer, you should also edit your skincare products. You're going to wear less makeup in the summer, because the look now is bare bronzed sunkissed glowy skin. I bet these products will become part of your summer beauty routine and create an effortless look.

Last year I posted my summer skincare essentials, I wanted to share that I'm still using the same cleanser but a new bottle and still making my way through the same bottle of toner pictured even though I use it every single morning. This post has my favorite sunscreen and I'm super excited that Glowscreen now comes in a tan color! I've also been wearing my lighter perfumes for summer.