What's New in Las Vegas

I'm visiting Las Vegas later this year and I'm doing research since I haven't been in a decade and I can't believe how many new changes there are! After I return I'll post a full trip report of where I ate and what shows I saw. Also, I have a friend going to Vegas after me for the Formula 1 race so that piqued my interest too and I had to research that. I have learned so much super interesting info about what's new in Vegas  that I wanted to share with you in case you're planning a trip there too. 

Reviewing the Best Low Cal Ice Cream

I've done a handful of posts on low cal ice cream but then took a break from Halo Top for a couple years as I was bored with the flavors but they have finally expanded to more unique flavors. Then new  brands have hit the market and are changing the frozen dessert game by taking what we think of as delicious ice cream and making it better nutrition wise. I have a whole new line up for you that I'm super excited to share! 

Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

If you're wondering what all the fashion girlies are wearing this summer, I'd say think French summer style. I've got your list of key items which include lots of flowy linen pants (both the pull on with drawstrings and the new tailored version), the satin skirt, silk pants, tailored shorts, the naked sandal, chunky earrings, straw hat,  open button ups, larger and wider silhouettes, monochrome white looks, two piece sets, and so much crochet. We are ditching the mirror lens sunglasses and focusing on more rectangular shaped ones. 

I'm going to post some outfit inspiration for the type of vibe for the linen pants and button up situation that is light and airy and looks very Saint-Tropez or Positano vacation dream. I need to be frocking in the south of France right now! I think you'll find all of these to be really easy and effortless but still feels put together.

High Protein Breakfast

I've been eating this on repeat and it's been a fantastic recipe that gives you everything you need to build a high protein meal. Eating high protein meals can help you lose weight as it keeps you full longer. I've recently started a weight loss journey and I'm already down 8 lbs in one month by eating this breakfast Mon-Fri every week. 

The Best Travel Essentials for Your Next Trip

I just got back from two weeks in Namibia and I wanted to share some of my must have travel essentials and general travel tips after a 15 hour flight to Cape Town. In the notes section on my phone I keep a file called "Things I Forget to Pack" and every vacation I add to it. It's so useful to refer to every time I pack for the next vacation. For instance I never chew gum at home, but that's vital for a plane ride and when I see that on my list I remember to buy gum for my flight. I also keep a notes file in my phone of travel quotes so I have interesting captions for my IG photos for when I'm at a loss. I also have a picture of my passport in my phone in case I lose it.

Never exchange money at the airport kiosk, it always has the worst rate. I exchange money at Citibank before I leave the USA. You order the money at the teller and it comes the next day but they don't carry every currency. In that case look for an ATM when you arrive in the country. But I really like to have cash when I arrive so I can go straight to a taxi and avoid lines. Also talk to your taxi drivers, you never know what interesting info they may share. Who do you think takes my airport departure photo when I travel alone? lol