The Best Bars in Las Vegas

Here are six beautifully aesthetic bars that you should hit up for an elevated experience in Sin City. I like to go to bars that will look pretty in my Instagram pictures and have interesting cocktails. I want  atmosphere and a wow factor. When I travel I always create a bucketlist of drinks and meals I have to have. In Vegas if you can't finish your drink at a bar, you can ask for it to go and they will transfer it to a plastic cup! lol If you want to drink your way through Vegas with some incredible cocktails, here's your list of where to go!

Caesars Palace Hotel Review

Las Vegas has some of the biggest hotels in the world and I spent 5 nights at Caesars Palace, location of  iconic Vegas movie - The Hangover. Caesars makes you feel as if you are walking into Ancient Greece with its opulent sculptures, art, and architecture but also has all the modern upgrades. The hotel is made up for six, yes six towers of guest rooms on its property! So it will be confusing to find your room when you first arrive since they don't give you a map. Plus multiple restaurants, seven pools, a Roman bath house, a huge shopping complex, and a nightclub. I'm going to give you the full run down of my experience staying there. This is was my third visit to Vegas, the last two times I stayed at Treasure Island and Mandalay Bay. Make sure you also check out my post What's New in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Travel Guide

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! Nicknamed Sin City because it's Disneyland for adults, the entertainment capital of the world, it has no shortage of things to do that don't include gambling. If you're in Vegas you have to go to a Cirque du Soleil show! There's also magic shows, burlesque, comedy shows, music residencies, pool parties, escape rooms, exhibits, world renown restaurants, speakeasy's, rooftop bars, zipline, you can ride a gondola or ferris wheel, try indoor skydiving, visit the sphere and hike canyons nearby. Can't make it to Venice or Paris, Vegas has you covered! 

Natural Makeup Look for Glowy Skin

My goal when doing my makeup is to have a glow from within radiance on my skin. I want skin that looks like skin with added luminosity. I want a dewy natural look that doesn't hide freckles, not too flat, and has an effortless, glowy, skin look. I like high shine eyeshadows that brighten eyes. Spotlighting the center of your eyelid with shimmer shadow, not glitter, is huge right now and goes so well with this fresh skin aesthetic. Very sheer foundation looks are all the rage as well as everyone loves skin that looks natural which means your skincare has to be good.  

I've never had a minimal effort makeup routine, but it looks minimal effort! lol If you were looking for a 5 step makeup routine, this isn't it. lol  I don't think the average person really understands how much makeup and layering us makeup addicts are really using. This is what makes your makeup lasts all night and look like celebrity makeup in photos. I've been watching makeup tutorials on youtube for over a decade yet when I look at my pictures from 10 years ago I think where is my blush, why don't I see it? I know I was wearing it! lol If you're doing one wash of makeup and wondering why it's not looking like a celebrity makeup artists makeup, its because you're not layering. The one layer, light handed, is not going to cut it. I'm going to spill all my secrets below. 

After I wrote this post I realized all these products are expensive, but I have to tell you I've tried and tested out so many makeup products, these just happen to be the ones that performed well that I ended up liking. I really do save my makeup purchases for the Sephora sale in spring and fall, and then all the beauty brands have their annual sale in July. There's no reason to pay full price for makeup, I don't. 

The most important part about makeup is having a proper blend so makeup artists are always recommending to put liquid products on the back of your hand then transferring it to your face. That way, only a little is being applied at a time, because you can always add more, but it's hard to take away if you applied too much. That way you can buff it into the skin first while it's still wet, not getting too much product on your skin; this is important for foundation, undereye concealer and contour. Too many people put too much undereye concealer on and that's why it creases. Blending out your makeup is the most important application step.