My Fall Must Haves from the Sephora Sale

I'm in full fall mode over here after decorating my home with fall decor and now pulling out my favorite fall makeup. Fall is so pretty with the colorful leaves, pumpkins and caramel apple cider; and those colors also inspire my makeup. For lipstick I love going for rusty reds before transitioning into the bright reds for winter. In the fall and winter I get excited about makeup as I get to wear it a little bit more. Sweater weather leads to more intense makeup and my makeup looks better since I'm not sweating it off. This list is what I will be wearing the most this season so I hope you enjoy this edit. All of these faves will create a sultry look for you! The Sephora Savings Event is my Superbowl! My cart has been ready for a month! 

4 Fall Nail Polish Colors You Should Try

Now that the leaves are starting to change, I like to switch my nail polish to colors that remind me of fall: oranges, mauves, and browns. The same colors as pumpkin bread, cranberries and falling leaves.  I'm no longer wearing the glazed donut and chrome polishes that I enjoyed during the summer.

7 Best Fall Perfumes 2022

Fall has arrived and here are the best fall fragrances that are worthy of a spot on your perfume tray. This season puts you in the mood for the holidays, you grab your pumpkin chai, make apple baked goods, and light your vanilla candles. For the fall season, I like to wear scents that are warmer, spicier, cozy and sweeter (like vanilla). Fall is all about sweater weather, but not super cold. So for your fragrances you don't want something too heavy for winter but something more than your fresh clean perfume that you wear in the summertime. All these fragrances make for an autumnal aesthetic. The fall season window is so small that it makes wearing these perfumes even more special.  If you want to turn heads around, if you love smelling good and changing up your perfume for the different seasons here are some scents that conjure up the coziness of the season. None of these fragrances are new to my collection, you've seen all of them before on my blog.