4 Fall Nail Polish Colors You Should Try

Now that the leaves are starting to change, I like to switch my nail polish to colors that remind me of fall: oranges, mauves, and browns. The same colors as pumpkin bread, cranberries and falling leaves.  I'm no longer wearing the glazed donut and chrome polishes that I enjoyed during the summer.

From left to right: 

Essie Walk the Hemline mocha-toned brown

Bold and Boulder deep, burgundy-red nail polish with brown undertones from their 2022 Fall collection. This is what I'm wearing on my hand in the picture above. 

Essie Angora Cardi deep dusty rose and the #1 most pinned shade for fall 2016 on Pinterest.

OPI Complimentary Wine A deep bouquet of ripened berries that embodies a full velvet burgundy. It's almost similar to bold and boulder but complimentary wine has a red tint to it while B&B is firmly brown. It's hard to see just looking at the bottles, but I had one color on my toes and one on my hands and then could really see the difference. If OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is too dark for you, try this one. 

Angora Cardi

My nails used to always break and be short and I learned it was because I was always using some hardener nail base coat. Those are only for actually soft nails. When you put those on healthy nails, it makes them too hard and that's why they break! I also add jojoba oil to my nails daily to moisturize them so they are flexible. This allows them to grow and strengthen your nails, this step has made the biggest difference when it comes to the health of my nails.

I also bought a nail polish remover without acetone which removes my polish very fast. When you remove your nail polish, it's good to let your nails breath for one day before reapplying polish. When my nails are bare, I use the following three products every day. 

Nail treatments

Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream

CND Rescue RescueRxx Nail Care Daily Treatment

CND Solar Oil Nail & Cuticle Care

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