Nail Polish Organization

If you read my blog you know I have a bit of a nail polish addiction. Since I switched to Zoya nail polish a couple years ago, my collection has really grown. I had a cute small display rack  which meant I had to keep all the rest hidden in a basket which was really impractical because I couldn't "see" them and it was a pain to find colors. I looked at all the cute storage options Etsy had, but they were a little too pricey for me. So I searched ebay and amazon until I found the right acrylic rack that held the amount I needed. I don't know why I've held out on buying one for so long, guess I thought that would mean I was operating a nail salon. lol As my blog readers know, I'm really into organization so it only made since to make order with my nail polish collection. And there's still a few more bottles that aren't included here, well actually they just didn't make the cut. In my defense of owning so many colors, I paint my own nails every week and only go to the salon a few times a year so I feel I'm not really spending that much money on my nails. I'm going to keep this in my walk in closet and hopefully this will stop me from buying any more colors. 

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  1. Looks awesome!! I have to try Zoya! I wish I was better at painting my own nails...I'm really only good at doing one hand!! Hahahaha