Color Coded Bookshelves

Most of us have a bookshelf in our homes and my readers know I enjoy reading by all of my book posts. I'm a visual person and really enjoy seeing color. Before I bought my condo I had a interior design blog to keep track of things I like. For instance I love painted walls, I could never live with white walls. My closet is arranged in rainbow order and I don't own any black dresses/shoes/purses/coats because I find it boring. When I first saw a bookshelf organized by color several years ago I thought it looked so fresh.  So I recently reorganized the bookshelf in my father's office to try the color method and was very pleased with the result. I think it added a nice splash of color to his office.

It took a few hours of enjoyable sweaty work, and it wasn't easy because I'd frequently run into the problem of not finding a space to put a book back on the shelf! lol I found myself asking what shelf can I put a book that is two colors? Can the brown books go with the orange books since I don't have enough orange books to fill up a shelf? Then I had so many left over books that I unexpectedly created a white shelf. Once finished I thought I should have arranged the colors by hue - dark to light, that would have made the small purple section stand out more. Yes I spent way too much time thinking about every little nuance. My father just finished writing his latest book and I told him he should look at what color is not prevalent on his shelf in deciding what color the spine should be! lol

I'm sure you're wondering and yes I asked my father if his bookshelf was in any particular order (author, subject, title) since he said no I knew that arranging it by color wouldn't make books harder to find. I'm sure he found it to be frivolous and just entertained me, but I smiled at my masterpiece when it was done. I truly think his bookshelf is undeniably beautiful and that by color-coding his shelves I breathed new life into an old space! I think organizing your books by color is the kind of harmless DIY decorating experiment you should try! It makes a visual impact with your books by making them  look more vibrant.

If you want another interesting way to display your books, I found this on etsy, you hand them by a string:

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  1. That's an awesome bookshelf. All of my class notes and notebooks and whatever else are organized by color so this is perfect :-)