About Me

Hi I’m Anna and live in our Nation’s Capital. The Blondissima is a lifestyle blog for the fashionista. From its first post in 2013 I have shared a little bit of everything: books, beauty, fitness, recipes and travel guides.  Wellness is a huge theme in my life and I like to share what I have learned with my readers. I’m a bookworm, you can find all book reviews are posted here.

I’m an avid traveler and have traveled extensively around the globe. I love to share the best places to visit in each destination and tips for visiting each location. I’m passionate about travel photography and love to provide travel inspiration for you. You can find all my travel related posted here.

I like to think of my fashion style as classic, dressy feminine, chic and colorful. My style is ever-evolving as I design the best version of myself.  I’ve been working making a more curated wardrobe and want to bring you on that journey with me. I do believe that the clothes you wear has an affect on your body image and that’s why I feel this is an important thing for me as I feel the best when I love the clothes that I have on. You can find all my fashion related posts here.

I get true joy out of trying new skincare products, researching what dermatologists say are the best ingredients, and getting a natural glow on my skin that doesn’t need concealer to cover it up. You can find all my beauty related posts here

I love to cook so you’ll see some healthy recipes on my blog. I’m a fitness fanatic so you can find me in outdoor zumba classes, on the peloton 5x a week, weight lifting, and practicing yoga. As a fashionista, I also like to look great when I workout, so you’ll see posts about my favorite activewear. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Here are my post popular posts of 2023: