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Bronzy makeup is a must for hot girl summer. What's trending in makeup right now is dewy skin, chrome eyes and pink blushes. I love the summertime for that natural almost effortless makeup look, looking sunkissed radiating a beautiful dewy glow. Everyone looks their most beautiful in summer.  I don't wear foundation in the summer because that just melts off your face. Instead I use a glowy sunblock and lots of highlighting products.  I have light medium skin tone and stay out of the sun so my face is pretty pale. I like to use a lot of cream and liquid makeup products in the summer to get that glossy glow. I find that liquid/cream products replicate sun kissed skin beautifully because it gives a radiant finish giving you that effortless glowy skin.  I want my makeup to look good in person, like a version of myself but better. You look your best when you feel your best. 

Above I featured style icons Sabrina Carpenter (who is known for her glowy makeup and pink cheeks), Jasmine Tookes, Laura Harrier, and Zedenya. I know so many people are obsessed with  Sabrina Carpenter makeup, with that glowy pink blush cheek and I’m chasing products for that look.  I'm going to give you all the products and steps for you to achieve the look they have!

Before I start on the rest of my face, I always pencil in and use brow gel . Brows are the first thing you see on a person and I want natural but defined brows. Then I apply concealer:

A very hydrating, luminous, creamy formula. Ingredients include glycerin, Capucine Extract, and Cornflower Complex. Comes in 24 shades and gives medium coverage with a radiant finish. You don't want a matte concealer for this look. 


A liquid illuminator that enhances the complexion and smooths the skin. It’s great for a glowy primer under foundation or by itself as a skin tint. It makes your skin look so radiant! The Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter (and Elf dupe) was too thick and glowy for me, I looked like the Tin Man. The Dior Filter is perfect for me! The Dior blends out to be a sheer tint of glow and color, it resembles skin that is juicy and hydrated. 

elf Bronzing Drops in Rose Gold
I was placing an elf order so I added this to my cart since at $10 it was cheaper than any similar product at Sephora.  You should mix this in with your moisturizer, not apply it directly to your face. This tinted serum moisturizes your skin with antioxidant-rich vitamin E and sunflower seed oil. After using I realized this is better suited for girlies who self tan and need a product for their face. While this product isn't for me since I'm already tan, I still think it's a great low-cost product.  Colourpop also makes an affordable liquid highlighter that I haven't tried. L'OrĂ©al Paris True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer is the OG product. 

In the color Sunlit, this zinc sunscreen also contains Hyaluronic Acid. It gives off a subtle glow with a light suntan tint. Last year they only released one shade, the white one, and I found the glow disappeared immediately. My issue with other sunscreens (like Supergoop) that provide a tan is the color was always too dark for me and this one is just perfect. Kosas recently had an influencer trip to Cabo to release the tan shade; not sure why both shades couldn't come out at the same time? On the trip all the women got seriously sunburnt so I do wear Korean sunscreen underneath this. 



Glamour Magazine wrote an article called Glazed Blush Is the Juiciest Makeup Trend of 2024. It talks about how first we had glazed donut nails, then glazed skin on trend, and now the attention has gone to blush. It predicts that "we will see the texture of blushes get more glossy and balmy, to give a more hydrated appearance." The article recommends that "cream blushes and liquid highlighters are great for creating a healthy flush."  

There's been so many blush trends on tiktok like boyfriend blushsunset blushlifting blush, tomato girl makeupsunburn blush and pink blush. Blush has gotten so popular in the last few years! Prior to that it was a lot less common to wear such a bold blush, I think it has taken the place of highlighter. Remember in 2016 you wanted your highlighter to be seen from outer space? With everyone doing a bold blush these days, its harder to balance it with a glam eye because it will start to look like a lot. 

I have a dozen blushes but for summer I'm all about a cream formula.

Westman Atelier - Blush Stick -  Mimi (Tawny Beige)
A cream blush stick that has nice packaging with its magnetized lid and gold trim which feels high end. This is a daily pink. I apply this with a brush,  patting off the excess onto my hand first. It has great longevity, wears great on top of layers of makeup, grips onto the skin with no patchiness. The pigment is gorgeous and buildable. It’s effortless, it blends out so easy, and has high shine satin finish.

Tower 28 Cream Blush in Magic Hour (sun-kissed rosy nude)

A multitasking tinted balm with Aloe Vera Extract and Castor Seed Oil. Magic Hour is a bright Sun-kissed rosy nude. It's a very popular formula and I love the sleek packaging. This is a clean beauty brand and as a cream formula the expiration will be sooner than a powder product, so you might see  wax bloom on it.  It's a beautifully pigmented blush that you can apply with your fingers or brush. This blends out like a dream and the color play off is beautiful. It leaves you a shiny satin dew. Honestly this color is out of my comfort zone since I like to wear sad beige blushes, but it's such a bright and cheery color for spring and summer. 


I like to make myself look really bronze and don't contour in summer. Bronzing is my favorite step when it comes to my face routine, more so than blush. I think it just adds so much life to your skin and makes it look like you were just on vacation. It really takes your makeup to the next level. 

Chanel Bronzing Cream in shade 392
This bronzer warms up the skin and mimics the sun.  It gives a beautiful finish and worth the splurge! I use a brush to apply it, it goes on so easy and the color payoff is gorgeous. This comes in 3 colors and travel size. 

Nars Highlighting Powder in St. Barths 

Described as luminosity with Seamless Glow Technology—a blend of sheer powders and pearls to create second-skin luster that blends effortlessly. It is a medium-dark copper (think orange) with a metallic finish.  This is darker than I usually wear so I have to buff the brush on my hand before carefully applying to my cheeks. I also still use my old Nars Casino bronzer which is more golden but I can't link it because Nars discontinued it last year and released a talc free formula where all NINE colors are called Laguna. Maybe Casino is similar to laguna 2 or 3, but of course Nars is always out of stock.

Armani Luminous Silk Creamy Bronzing Powder in shade 100

A ultra-creamy bronzing powder infused with caring oils for smooth, even application and a luminous, sunkissed finish. I went a shade lighter in this bronzer because I have a heavy hand and would rather build up the color than be shocked with too strong color after one brush stroke like with Nars St. Barths. The shade 100 is light medium with golden undertones meaning it has some gold flecks to it but it doesn't look like obvious shimmer on your cheeks. This is my go-to for a summer bronze sun kissed look.


I have way too many highlighters but this summer I'm all about the liquid highlighters!

I bought this from the Gucci website and it comes in a Gucci box and you get a whole luxury unboxing experience! The color is perfect on me, not light champagne gold, it's a warm gold, almost rose gold and slightly copper.

It's a liquid highlighter that creates a radiant glow on the skin. It can be worn on bare skin, or mixed it into foundation and primer, the golden drops create a healthy-looking finish. The formula has ultra-thin pearls and pearlescent pigments that illuminate skin by reflecting light in multiple directions. Skin looks plumped and feels refreshed and hydrated.

Dior Forever Glow Maximizer Longwear Liquid Highlighter  in nude

They released 6 colors first then later added the Nude shade but didn't update the photos for nude so what you see online isn't accurate. The swatched color on bottom is nude, its a rose gold. 

Danessa Myricks Dew Wet Hydrating and Highlighting Balm in shade Hot Water which is a bronze shimmer. I will tap this balm on my cheeks for an instant glass-skin effect that makes your skin look extra dewy and hydrated. The subtle glow can be worn with or without makeup.

Lip Gloss

All of my favorite nude lip glosses are in this post and I finished the tubes of the top row so I repurchased the Lisa Eldridge lip gloss and am wearing that and Anastasia Beverly Hills.
It's a VERY glossy, soft beige brown. It's not pink which I only realized when none of my pink lip liners went with it. 

Lisa Eldridge Lip Gloss in Affair and Muse

Lisa is a British makeup artist and an OG beauty youtuber. Her lip glosses are non sticky because it doesn’t have silicon oils. It's a gloss and lip care hybrid with lip care ingredients including wild mango kernel butter, acai berry oil, sunflower seed oil and vitamin e oil. 

Affair is an earthy soft caramel brown or a toffee shade with neutral/warm golden undertones. It's not pink.

Muse is a sensual, smoky rosewood shade with the perfect mix of dirty rose undertones.


Nylon magazine wrote on article called "Is Eyeshadow an Old-Lady Thing?" The article says that only millennials and Gen X wear eyeshadow. That's because Gen Z isn't wearing eyeshadow. Maybe they are in their clean girl aesthetic and their famous idols don't wear eyeshadow. Makeup brands have caught on to this and lately there's not a lot of new eyeshadow palette releases like there used to be. Remember how big those releases used to be? Now what's popular is one and done eyeshadows that come in a single pot. But the Latte Makeup and Mob Wife makeup trends do put an emphasis on eyeshadow so dramatic makeup is slowly making a come back. I think manufactures have to switch gears form time to keep people spending money. 

For me, this summer I want to bring that shiny dewy look to my eyes too. I like to wear eye glitters in the summer and rose gold looks best on my skin tone. I think glowy eyes are so beautiful and unique and makes this whole look cohesive.

This highly-pigmented, multi-chrome eyeshadow adds luminous color to eyes with a foiled metallic finish. Formulated with special treated micas, reflective pearls and conditioning lipids that provide a creamy texture for buildable, dimensional eye looks

Colourpop Jelly Shadow in mystical (rose gold)
This is a jelly gel eyeshadow, the texture is like putty or slim, such an innovative formula. I apply it on with my fingers and it dries down very quickly so it doesn't stay wet. It gives you a beautiful wet look from the jelly consistency. It's is a bit sheer and dries down to a powder finish. 

This liquid eye shadow delivers rich pigmentation and intense shimmer. The metal shadow bring quick-dry formula that ensures a smudge-proof, shiny and sparkling finish. It comes with a paintbrush-like applicator which allows for precise application. I put the shimmery orange color on my lower lid, which creates a wet look, and a powder bronzer on the upper lid. See Huda wearing it on her eyes below. 

If I'm wearing silver clothing, I wear  RMS cream eyeshadow in Strobe which can be described a as a champagne mink, not an icy silver.


MAC eyeshadow used as an eyeliner, as I like this so much better than eyeliner pencils which just look too stark or harsh on me. The color is P for Potent mixed into an ombre with Nude Model. I think using an eyeshadow for eyeliner creates for a more softer, feathered, diffused look. It's not a sharp line from a pencil. I bought the case and colors separately from MAC and made this perfect compact for me. Eyes are the focal point of your face and I see a lot of harsh black eyeliner out there.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Shadow in rosegold

This shadow stick is really easy to apply and blendable. I add a little bit on the inner corners of my eye which opens everything up and brighten my eyes and completes the look. If you're keeping up, yes I have 3 colors under my eye creating for a full ombre look! Having sparkle/shimmer in the center under your eye really makes your eyes spark. 

The only way to ensure that your makeup lasts all day long is to use setting powder. Cream products wear off after a few hours. The power of setting spray is that it makes everything look so much better in person and lasts longer. 

It's always great to smell good too so don't forget to spray one of my summer perfume recommendations.

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